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CrewPass has created an app to make your lives easier. It holds all important documents and information, but it also has various features that act as a daily operation hub for crew members and vessel accounts.

Gaining employment & becoming part of a crew list

Pass your Unique ID to your captain, and you will be added to their crew list, allowing you to become part of their watch rotas, in and out boards & vessel chats. Captains will be able to see exactly who is working on the vessel, crew members’ vessel position, and if they are onboard, off-board or on leave.

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Innovative in and out boards

Our in and out boards allow crew members to clock in and out on the CrewPass app, automatically updating the crew list. This is a significant safety feature that we feel is highly important to reduce risks and incidents. For example, if there was an emergency on board, the Captain would be able to locate all staff who work on the vessel and will be able to see who exactly is on and off board. All crew members have to do is tap their phones on our beacons whenever they enter or leave the vessel.

Digitalised watch rotas

CrewPass offers efficiency on board that benefits all! CrewPass has a digitalised watch rota feature allowing crew members to access up to date watch rotas on their phone no matter where they are. If a Captain has placed you on watch, you will be notified, keeping you in the loop! The watch rotas will show who is on watch and what vessel position they are working in.


Message colleagues with encrypted chats

Our vessel chat feature allows crew members working within the same vessel to communicate without adding each other on social media allowing people who don’t have social media to interact with colleagues. Our chat feature offers both a private chat function and a group chat function that is fully encrypted for your security! All CrewPass accounts will be able to access this feature on the CrewPass app.

Sea Time Calendar

CrewPass’ new app feature allows crew members to keep track of their sea time. Fill in the times you’re at the port and when you are at sea on the sea time calendar. CrewPass automatically calculates these times, and then crew members can send off their sea time to their captain for approval.

Keep track of your rest hours

Keep track of your rest hours on our app. The rest hour calendar is displayed in an easily accessible place to allow crew members to update or amend their rest hours. Simply fill in your breaks, the time you start work and what time you finish work. Our app will automatically calculate how many hours of duty crew members have worked. Once all rest hours are calculated, crew members can send off their rest hours to their captain for approval.

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