Improving daily operations and ensuring the safety and security of all on board

Which crew member would you pick?

CrewPass’ searches are carried out internationally giving captains peace of mind that their crew is trusted. Crew members with the CrewPass Approved accreditation highlights the fact that they have passed a full background check and is safe to work onboard. Who would you rather hire a crew member that is fully vetted over someone who isn’t?

Advanced Global Background Checks

Beyond the responsibility of human safety placed on the crew, many priceless items are kept onboard. Simple reference checks are not sufficient to fully understand a candidate’s suitability. Reference checks are not thorough enough to regard the crew member’s life before yachting. The purpose is not to vilify or condemn the crew as a whole but to mitigate potential safety or criminal risk to the yacht and all those on board.

Our CrewPass Approved Accreditation is the global equivalent to an Enhanced DBS check in the UK. We conduct the most advanced criminal background searches on every crew member, ensuring a safer environment on board and for any guests

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Search a crew member via their unique ID number

A unique ID number is given to every crew member allowing employers to search up that crew member on the CrewPass app. When a crew member has passed this information on, vessel accounts can send a record request which if accepted will give the vessel access to valuable information about the crew member. This includes their CrewPass status (if they have passed a full background check by CrewPass), their date of birth, bio, their location, their visa history, vaccination history, training certificates and other background information. With this information captains can make educated judgement if this candidate is a good fit.

CrewPass’ accreditation is recognised by leading crew recruitment agencies and vessels across the globe

The CrewPass Approved accreditation is recognised and supported globally by leading crew agencies and vessels. CrewPass is an employment screening company that is explicitly benefiting the yachting industry. With an affordable price, an easy sign-up process, and a variety of services in one place with one price, it’s not hard to understand why our accreditation is widely adopted!


Pay for a crew member to have a comprehensive background check

Vessels can request to see if a crew member already is CrewPass Approved meaning that crew will either already have the accreditation before employment or they need to take it upon themselves to become CrewPass Approved. However, if a vessel wants to conduct a background check on a crew member, vessel accounts can pay a one-off price which will unlock the following features:

  • A criminal record check
  • ID verification
  • COC’s and CEC’s verification through the MCA
  • CrewPass Approved accreditation
  • Verified crew status on the app

Having an entire crew list that is fully vetted improves the vessel’s reputation and minimises potential threats/risks onboard.

Pay for your crew's checks via CrewPass.

  • Vessel accounts can also purchase enhanced background checks for their crew.

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