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Our mission

To ensure the safety and security of all individuals in the maritime industry.

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3 Different Accounts With Powerful Features


Our app keeps crew members in the loop, on track and aware of the operations onboard.

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Check, communicate and monitor crew members daily operations.

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Improve your placement process instantly by giving your clients the confidence that they are hiring fully vetted crew.

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Improve daily operations

The solution to modernising your daily operations

  • Check and validate all crew members 
  • Invite all vessel crew members to your crew list 
  • Digitally monitor and display who is on and off the vessel 
  • Assign crew to the watch rota 
  • Encrypted inter-crew list vessel chats allowing group and private chats
  • Keep track of sea time and rest hours

Crew Account

CrewPass is your Identity Passport

  • Advanced criminal background checks conducted 
  • ID verification 
  • CrewPass accreditation can be shared with agencies and employers using your unique ID
  • Store & share certificates and personal information with employers 
  • Instant access to the vessels watch rota and crew list 
  • Chat with other crew members in vessel group chats or private chats
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