Redefining Yachting Security For A Safer Tomorrow

CrewPass is transforming the yachting industry, providing an unprecedented level of security through comprehensive pre-employment screenings, including enhanced criminal background checks and qualification verifications. Our digital passport ensures the credibility of every crew member, offering peace of mind to employers and recruitment agencies.

Secure Your Trust with CrewPass

CrewPass is revolutionising the industry by prioritising security. Our enhanced criminal background checks and thorough qualification verifications provide crew members an opportunity to demonstrate their integrity while giving employers and recruiters the confidence they need in their hiring decisions. The CrewPass Approval is a testament to a crew member’s safety, credibility, and readiness for employment.

The Employment Passport: Verified Crews, Streamlined Hiring

Some of the top features of our Enhanced Employment Passport:

  1. Comprehensive criminal background checks
  2. Detailed qualification verifications
  3. Real-time document authentication status
  4. Easy management of work experience and credentials
  5. Instant notifications for document status and CV views

Extend Your Reach with Secure CrewPass Sharing

Our partnerships with all leading employment agencies and employers have established the CrewPass Passport as a trusted standard in the industry. For crew members, this means greater visibility and trust. For agencies and employers, it provides instant access to pre-checked, qualified candidates. Discover our extensive network where the CrewPass Passport is recognized.

Trust Transformed with CrewPass Approval

The CrewPass Approval represents more than just a clean background—it signals a high level of trust, transparency, and security. For potential employers, this translates into a safer hiring decision. For crew members, it’s a powerful credential that sets them apart in the industry.

Introducing the CrewPass Approved Community

Join the ranks of top-tier candidates in the yachting industry by becoming a CrewPass Approved member. But the journey doesn’t end there – once you’re approved, you gain exclusive access to our CrewPass Approved Community.

This vibrant WhatsApp group is more than just a community; it’s a platform for growth, connection, and exclusive opportunities. Here, you’ll receive instant notifications of job opportunities from leading crew agencies and industry professionals actively seeking CrewPass Approved Crew.

Job posts start rolling from Monday, May 29th, featuring a range of permanent, temporary, and day-work positions. Remember, this is not a job board but a support platform designed to assist you in landing your dream job and creating a safer yachting community.

Become CrewPass Approved, become part of our Community, and let’s set sail towards success!

Embrace the New Standard with CrewPass

With our strong partnerships across the yachting industry, CrewPass is fast becoming the universal standard for trust and verification. Join the movement towards a safer and more efficient yachting industry with CrewPass.

Job Boards

Boost your appeal to employers by showcasing your CrewPass approval on your profile with our partnered Job Boards.


Our 'Approve with CrewPass' button enables agencies to swiftly recognise vetted candidates, enhancing recruitment efficiency.


Confirm the status of a crew member's CrewPass Passport with ease using their unique ID.


Through employer accounts, swiftly verify the credibility of potential hires by checking their CrewPass Passport.

Seamless Security - Ordering a Check, Made Easy

Preparing to bring a new crew member on board and want the reassurance of a thorough criminal background check? We’ve streamlined the process to make it straightforward and hassle-free.

Simply provide us with the individual’s name and email – we’ll take care of the rest, delivering a comprehensive report upon completion. With just a couple of clicks, you can enhance your hiring process, ensuring a safer environment for all.

Order a check now and invest in the security of your yachting operations.

Secure Your Future in the Yachting Industry

The CrewPass digital passport plays a crucial role in enhancing security and trust within the yachting industry. Click below to discover how CrewPass can revolutionize your career or hiring process.


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Find out more about how CrewPass helps you make quicker and safer recruitment decisions whilst improving daily operations.

Client Testimonials

"CrewPass has already helped me with a recent job" - "100% recommend and so worth doing for any crew member"
Austin Eszcori
CrewPass Approved Crew
"CrewPass made the integration simple, with a well thought out process the set up was quick and efficient."
Jessica Mountford
Office Manager, Wilsonhalligan
"Partnering with CrewPass to offer integration within our platform will improve compliance operations for employers and crew alike.”
Steve Crawford
Founder, Yotspot