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Our CrewPass Approved Accreditation is the global equivalent to an Enhanced DBS check in the UK. We conduct the most advanced criminal background searches on every crew member, ensuring a safer environment on board and for any guests.

Once submitted, a background check typically takes between 1 to 2 weeks.

If a background check comes back with an untoward report, you can enter an appeal process. During this process, you will be given a chance to explain the findings before a decision is made to approve or decline your application.

The background check price is country dependant but will typically cost between £50 – £150.

Bluetooth beacons enable the functionality of the automatic in and out boards when a crew member steps on or off the vessel. This will require the crew member to have an active account and the CrewPass app downloaded on their mobile.

The CrewPass Approved accreditation last 2 years. When it expires, you will be required to refresh your background check if you wish to remain approved. This ensures all information is kept up to date, giving the employer confidence in who they are employing.

Once you’ve signed up with CrewPass and your checks have begun, we are unable to terminate your payment plan as our services would have already commenced, and costs would have been incurred. The total cost for the 2 years is £199.99. We aim to make our services as accessible as possible by offering different payment plans. You can pay monthly, annually, or upfront. From the moment your checks are started and even when you become CrewPass Approved, CrewPass will not be optional payment.

You do need to have internet access to use CrewPass’ app features.

If you are not connected to WiFi, you can still use the beacons to tap in and out. The information will be stored, and the next time you are connected to WiFi, it will automatically update the crew list.

Yes, CrewPass allows all accounts to access our Superyacht Crew Management app. Therefore, yacht crew do not need to be CrewPass Approved to create an account. Vessel accounts can now add their entire crew list to the app for free. [UPDATED].

CrewPass is available on IOS and Android.

Users can opt to renew their accreditation after 2 years via the CrewPass website. We will send you a reminder email to keep you updated. You will have to undergo new checks to make sure your results are up to date.

On the CrewPass chat feature, click the person you would like to block, click the three dots at the top right side of the chat and click block user. To see your block list click your profile picture on the app, and under settings click “Blocked users”.

Yes, although vessel accounts are free for captains to use, vessels can also pay to get their crew background checked by CrewPass. If you want to know more or you are a vessel wishing to get your crew checked and accredited by CrewPass please contact

CrewPass’ accreditation last 2-years and includes an enhanced background check, ID verification, certification and verified status on our app. Crew can decide to spread the overall cost (£199.99) over 24 months whilst paying only £9.99 per month. Or, crew can pay annual payments within 2 years (£99.99 per year). Vessels can also pay for every crew member’s accreditation up front (£200 per crew member).

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