Celebrating 1st Anniversary with Wilsonhalligan


As we celebrate the very first anniversary of our partnership with Wilsonhalligan, we have reflected on how we got here and where we are going. The question that came to mind when we approached the recruitment agency was, “How can our partnership mutually benefit both parties as well as the yachting industry?” Although we have written numerous announcements over our initial year, we have never answered that question in depth. Until now.

Why is our partnership a success? Well, it starts with our partner Wilsonhallogan. Wilsonhalligan is a force within the yacht recruitment company founded 17 years ago and firmly established itself. Our partnership works for many reasons, and here are a few. The first and most important is security. Our shared interest in ensuring we can provide an extra layer of security within the recruitment process is undeniably essential.

By partnering with Wilsonhalligan, we have been allowed to provide our customers with an easier way of letting employers know they are fully vetted and accredited by us. CrewPass Approved crew members can register with Wilsonhalilgan whilst connecting their CrewPass account instantly in just a few clicks. Effortlessly. This integration has added extra value to our service as crew understand that we are a company trusted and supported by a leading crew agency. Trust is precious for a start-up company like ours and is hard to come by. We offer Wilsonhalligan the opportunity to place crew who we thoroughly vet. All CrewPass Approved crew have undergone a global criminal record check, ID verification and training certificate validation. This raises the recruitment standards and increases the level of the top-quality crew being placed onboard.

Take advantage of Wilsonhalligan’s unique discount code on our website to get 10% off 24 months’ payment (total background check cost). Apply the discount code: Wilsonhalligan10 or click this link to automatically add the discount to the basket: https://app.crewpass.co.uk/user-registration?pCode=Wilsonhalligan10

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