Seeing CrewPass on CV's, Job Boards and Yotspot?

If you meet a candidate who is CrewPass Approved, you can order a free report from us which will detail information about their identity, criminal record and any certificates they have submitted for authentication. 

This invaluable information means you are able to speed up your hiring procedure, making the process simple and more importantly, safer. 

Spot the Mark of Trust

When CrewPass appears on CVs, job boards like Yotspot, or within a candidate’s application, it’s not just a badge; it’s a beacon of trust. This mark signifies that the crew member has successfully undergone a rigorous screening process, including an identity check, a comprehensive criminal background investigation, and meticulous verification of all credentials by CrewPass. The presence of CrewPass is your first step towards a streamlined, secure hiring process, ensuring that the professionalism and reliability of your crew are never left to chance.

"A cv tells you what a candidate wants you to know, CrewPass tells you what you need to know."

Free Report: A Deep Dive into Candidate Verification

Encounter CrewPass on an application? Reach out to us for a comprehensive report at no cost. This report encapsulates the depth of our checks and verifications, providing you with a transparent overview of a candidate’s qualifications and background.

Email with the crew members unique ID to request your free report.

What Does a CrewPass Report Include?

Each CrewPass report is a testament to thoroughness, including in-depth background checks, ID verifications, certificate authenticity, and much more. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring every crew member you consider is as credible as they claim.

Global Hiring, Localised Risks

Hiring globally expands your talent pool but comes with its complexities. Relying solely on reference checks can be risky and insufficient. CrewPass mitigates these risks by providing a comprehensive, global perspective on each candidate’s background, ensuring safety and compliance.

Leverage Free Reports in Your Recruitment

The CrewPass badge on a CV isn’t just a symbol; it’s a gateway to in-depth insights. These reports are free because the cost of the account has already been covered. Utilise these reports to make informed hiring decisions quickly and efficiently.

As a captain, ensuring the safety and credibility of my crew is paramount. CrewPass has been an absolute game-changer. The service is incredibly user-friendly, making background checks for new crew members quick and pain-free. Our account manager is always on hand to assist, offering exceptional support throughout the process. The rapid turnaround time for checks means we can onboard new crew members with confidence and efficiency. I highly recommend CrewPass for its ease of use and the peace of mind it brings.”

– Captain A. Steele (120m)

Option to Reimburse Your Crew

When a crew member invests in their CrewPass, they’re investing in their future with you. If you’re using CrewPass in your recruitment process, you have the option to pay off the CrewPass for a crew member, reimbursing what they’ve already invested in their professional credibility.

Request a CrewPass Report Today

Getting started with CrewPass is seamless. Simply provide us with the crew member’s name and Unique ID, and we’ll furnish you with a comprehensive report. Begin your journey towards a more secure, transparent, and efficient hiring process with CrewPass.

Email with the crew members unique ID to request your free report.