Ensuring Safety and Trust in Yachting with CrewPass

In the yachting industry, safety and trust are paramount. At CrewPass, we provide comprehensive pre-employment security checks, culminating in a digital passport for each crew member. This shareable passport provides instant assurance that potential crew members have undergone thorough background checks, safeguarding your team, yacht owners, and their families.

Seamless Security - Background Checks Made Easy

Preparing to bring a new crew member on board and want the reassurance of a thorough criminal background check?

We’ve streamlined the process to make it straightforward and hassle-free. Simply provide us with the individual’s name and email – we’ll take care of the rest, delivering a comprehensive report upon completion.

With just a couple of clicks, you can enhance your hiring process, ensuring a safer environment for all. Order a check now and invest in the security of your yachting operations.

Hire with Confidence: The Employment Passport

CrewPass Employment Passports are the key to building trustworthy and qualified maritime crews. This secure platform streamlines your hiring process by providing instant access to verified information on potential crew members. Eliminate the need for manual background checks, and empower informed decisions with complete crew member profiles. Reduce paperwork, expedite hiring, and build a crew you can rely on. Discover the power of CrewPass Employment Passports today. Follow the link below to learn more about the benefits for employers.

Recognising the Value of a CrewPass Passport

In our mission to revolutionise the yachting industry, we’ve partnered with leading employment agencies to incorporate the CrewPass Passport into their recruitment process. This guarantees an instant acknowledgement of a crew member’s verified status when their profiles are reviewed. To validate a CrewPass Passport, look for the CrewPass Unique ID on a crew member’s CV or ask your recruiter specifically for CrewPass Approved crew.

The Power of Approval

CrewPass Approval signifies a new caliber of potential employees who have successfully passed all necessary checks. This allows you to streamline your recruitment process, focusing on candidates who are ready for immediate employment, thereby ensuring safety and efficiency.

Inviting Potential Crew to Join CrewPass

Have you found a potential crew member without a CrewPass Passport? No problem! You can easily invite them to join CrewPass, and the cost can be covered by you, the employer. Our team will guide them through the check process, updating you on the progress and providing a full report upon completion.

Ensure the safety of your crew, owners, and their families with just a couple of clicks.

Leveraging the CrewPass Passport

Our widespread partnerships make the implementation of the CrewPass passport a seamless process.

Job Boards

Search for CrewPass Approved Crew on job boards


Every leading agency has our 'Approved with CrewPass' button in their sign up process allowing you to request pre-Approved crew.


Management companies now use our services to make sure the crew they manage are properly vetted for their clients


Join hundreds of employers now using our service to ensure the safety of their owners, their families and fellow crew.

Our Commitment: Transparent Pricing

Our commitment to a safer yachting industry extends to our pricing. Utilizing our software and checking an existing CrewPass user status is free. If you wish to initiate a check for a crew member without CrewPass, the cost is £199 per individual. Protect your team, yacht owners, and their families by investing in safety with CrewPass.

Order a check

If a crew member does not have CrewPass and you would like to order a check on behalf of a crew member
£ 199 One-off Cost

Are you on Yotspot?

Check your recent job post – everyone that has a green tick next to their name signals they have passed our checks. 

Client Testimonials

"Has already helped me with a recent job" - "100% recommend and so worth doing for any crew member"
Austin Eszcori
CrewPass Approved Crew
"CrewPass made the integration simple, with a well thought out process the set up was quick and efficient."
Jessica Mountford
Office Manager, Wilsonhalligan
"Partnering with the CrewPass to offer integration within our platform will improve compliance operations for employers and crew alike.”
Steve Crawford
Founder, Yotspot