Revolutionise Recruitment with Digital Employment Passports

CrewPass conducts comprehensive pre-employment security checks, offering each crew member a digital passport that can be shared with every employer and recruitment agency.

Our Digital Employment Passport instantly informs you that a full background check has been conducted, assuring you that the crew member is vetted and ready for employment.

Introducing the CrewPass Approved Passport

CrewPass offers an innovative Digital Passport, confirming a crew member’s identity and certifying a clear criminal history.

Through an extensive process including identity verifications, global criminal background checks, and full certificate authentications, crew members strive to attain our coveted CrewPass Approved status.

Ensuring Trust in a Global Workforce

Trust is essential in the placement of crew members into positions aboard yachts worldwide. Until now, there has been a dangerous oversight in confirming the reliability of information provided by potential hires.

CrewPass fills this critical gap, ensuring that those entrusted with the security and well-being of the world’s elite and their families are thoroughly vetted.

Confidence in Every CrewPass Passport

Every CrewPass Approved Passport holder has undergone a thorough background check and qualification verification. You can confidently place these pre-vetted crew members in positions, knowing their identity, criminal history, and qualification authenticity have been meticulously checked.

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

CrewPass simplifies the sharing of crucial information. We have partnered with leading agencies and employers, integrating our ‘Approve with CrewPass’ button into your recruitment process. This feature allows potential hires to seamlessly share their CrewPass Approved status, giving you instant access to their vetted profile.

Instant, Effortless Transfer

With the CrewPass button integrated into your sign-up process, crew members can quickly share their vetted status. This data is automatically saved into your internal recruitment system, minimizing admin and maximizing efficiency.

Seamless Integration, Limitless Benefits

Our integration streamlines your recruitment process, eliminating the need for additional checks and reducing admin. Instantly enhance your vetting process and offer your clients CrewPass Approved crew members.

Free Status Checks for Approved Crew Members

If a crew member already holds a CrewPass Approved Passport, checking their status won't cost you a penny.

Clear, Simple Pricing

CrewPass aims to make life easier. Our integration is free, and checking an existing CrewPass user’s status is also free.

If you wish to provide an extra service for your clients by ordering a check for a crew member who does not yet have CrewPass, the cost is a straightforward £199.

CrewPass Integration

Our integration it free for any recruiter
£ 0

Order a check

If a crew member does not have CrewPass and you would like to order a check on behalf of a candidate.
£ 199 One-off Cost

Enhancing Recruitment Efficiency and Safety

Our partnerships with leading crew agencies and employers simplify the sharing and accessing of CrewPass passports. Everyone benefits from our thorough checks, ensuring a safer and more efficient recruitment process.

Job Boards

Utilise our platform to gain instant visibility of CrewPass Approved crew members in your recruitment process.


We've successfully integrated with diverse recruitment agencies, accommodating various recruitment management platforms.


Leading management companies now consider our comprehensive checks as the gold standard for crew placement on vessels.


Collaborating with numerous employers, we ensure comprehensive checks are carried out before any crew member steps foot onboard.

Client Testimonials

"Has already helped me with a recent job" - "100% recommend and so worth doing for any crew member"
Austin Eszcori
CrewPass Approved Crew
"CrewPass made the integration simple, with a well thought out process the set up was quick and efficient."
Jessica Mountford
Office Manager, Wilsonhalligan
"Partnering with the CrewPass to offer integration within our platform will improve compliance operations for employers and crew alike.”
Steve Crawford
Founder, Yotspot