Recruit Globally, Verify Instantly: CrewPass Employment Passport

Imagine a world where endless credential verification is a thing of the past. CrewPass Employment Passports offer a revolutionary solution, streamlining background checks for crew members across the maritime industry.

This innovative platform eliminates the need for repetitive verification. Once CrewPass verifies a crew member’s credentials, it becomes a trusted record accessible to all agencies. This translates to faster recruitment, reduced workload, and ultimately, happier clients.

Simplify the Way You Hire

The maritime industry thrives on global collaboration, but finding the perfect crew shouldn’t be a location-based challenge. With the revolutionary CrewPass Employment Passport, employers worldwide can access a streamlined verification system for crew members. This provides real-time insight into whether a candidate has passed essential security checks, allowing you to build a qualified and reliable international crew.

Unlocking Verified Crew Information

Finding skilled crew members is essential, but the process shouldn’t involve endless paperwork or chasing down information. The CrewPass Employment Passport offers the perfect solution, making it as simple as a click or a scan. Enjoy the benefits of the unique and secure URLs and QR Codes, which will take you directly to a member’s profile, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time.

Make Informed Decisions Simple

The CrewPass Employment Passport is more than a mere verification badge. It serves as an extensive platform empowering employers with crucial insights for informed hiring decisions. Through QR codes and URL links, employers can effortlessly access the latest, comprehensive information on individual profiles, ensuring seamless and up-to-date engagement. Enhance your hiring processes with CrewPass Employment Passport today!

‘A CV tells you what the candidate wants you to know, CrewPass tells you what you need to know. ‘

Our Enhanced Employment Passport

Our Enhanced Employment Passport is designed to benefit recruitment agencies by streamlining the hiring process.

Key features include:

  • Document Authentication Status: Easily track and verify the authentication status of all uploaded documents, ensuring you receive accurate and trustworthy information.
  • Enhanced Document Management: Candidates can upload new versions, view rejection reasons, and track document status, simplifying your review process.
  • Work Experience: Access detailed maritime work histories, including vessel details and positions.
  • Current Location: View the real-time candidates’ location that cannot be faked.

Building the Perfect Crew

Get ready to explore beyond verified credentials! Our upcoming integrated CV feature will provide seamless access to a crew member’s professional journey. This allows you to delve deeper into their experience, skills, and career history, ensuring you find candidates who seamlessly aligns with your requirements.

For roles requiring immediate crew availability, CrewPass is adding an optional real-time location tracking feature. With a crew member’s consent, you can identify readily available candidates who can seamlessly join your operations, maximising efficiency.

CrewPass doesn’t just verify – it empowers. With a wealth of information at your fingertips, you can assemble the ideal crew tailored to your specific requirements.

Simplicity and Efficiency: An All-In-One Platform.

The Employment Passport consolidates all essential documents for the hiring process, making it much simpler for employers to verify candidate’s information on a single platform. Enhance your client’s experience with greater ease and efficiency.