Fact vs. Fiction: Would you want to take the risk?

Forget sifting through endless applications unsure of a candidate’s true experience. With CrewPass, you gain instant access to verified background checks, and complete transparency on a crew member’s status. This empowers you to make informed hiring decisions, build reliable crews, and ensure the safety and security of your vessel and personnel.

While a CV tells you what a candidate wants you to know, CrewPass tells you exactly what you need to know. Confidently choose the right crew for every voyage. Discover the power of the CrewPass Employment Passport!

Unveiling the CrewPass Employment Passport

The CrewPass Employment Passport serves as your entryway to a pool of pre-vetted and qualified crew members. Each Employment Passport indicates that the crew member has undergone thorough background checks and verification processes. This provides you with the essential information required to make informed hiring decisions and guarantees a safer environment onboard for crew, guests, and their families.

Accessing CrewPass Employment Passports

CrewPass Employment Passports go beyond traditional CVs by offering instant, verifiable information at your fingertips. Each profile boasts a unique QR code and URL. Imagine encountering a CrewPass profile code on a candidate’s CV or business card – a simple scan or click grants immediate access to their verified information. This eliminates the need for manual verification and waiting periods, allowing you to delve deeper into a crew member’s qualifications with ease. Streamline the recruitment process and build trust through instant access to verified information.

Connect Directly with Verified Crew

CrewPass understands that verification is just one piece of the puzzle. We prioritise fostering direct and efficient communication throughout the recruitment process. That’s why CrewPass goes beyond simple verification by integrating seamless contact options directly into members’ profiles. No more chasing down contact information or waiting for email replies. Embedded WhatsApp and call buttons facilitate immediate communication between employers and crew members, allowing them to connect and explore opportunities in real-time.

CrewPass Employment Passport Statuses

CrewPass offers clear visibility into a crew member’s verification status. Here’s a quick guide:

Approved: This indicates a crew member has undergone and passed an enhanced background check. This greenlight assures you the crew member’s information is accurate and up-to-date.

Pending: A crew members’ background check is in progress, but we have not reached a final result yet. 

Declined: A crew member has undergone an extensive background check, but did not meet the required criteria CrewPass needs to Approve them. 

This status system empowers informed hiring decisions by providing a clear picture of a crew member’s verification progress within CrewPass.

What's Next for the Employment Passport?

CrewPass is continuously innovating to offer employers greater value and access to top talent. We’re thrilled to unveil some exciting upcoming features in April, designed to streamline your hiring process and provide even greater access to qualified crew members. 

These will include our enhanced system to streamline certificate verification, ensuring the authenticity and validity of crew member qualifications. This saves you time, builds trust, and empowers you to crew with confidence. Additionally, integrated CVs directly within CrewPass Employment Passports will provide a holistic view of candidates. Access complete career histories and make informed hiring decisions with all the information you need at your fingertips.

Increase Your Hiring Process With CrewPass

Are you ready to enhance your crew’s safety and reliability? CrewPass guarantees a streamlined hiring process, ensuring a trustworthy working relationship with your crew based on industry-standard checks! Do not miss this opportunity; order the trustworthy checks from CrewPass! is it correct?