Our Esteemed Partnerships

CrewPass proudly collaborates with esteemed agencies, management companies, and job boards, integrating our CrewPass Passport into their services to enrich their offerings and elevate the safety and efficiency of their operations.

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Validated by Leading Agencies

By endorsing CrewPass, our agency partners empower crew members to validate their CrewPass Approved status during the sign-up process. This credential, signifying the completion of our exhaustive background checks, sets them apart as trustworthy, vetted candidates, enhancing their appeal to potential employers.

Explore our extensive network of agency partners, all of whom recognize the value of CrewPass Approved status. Take a leap ahead of your competition by sharing your CrewPass status during the sign-up process with our partners. It’s your ticket to standing out as a trusted, pre-vetted candidate in a crowded field. Start your journey to secure employment with CrewPass today.

Recommended by Top Training Providers

Our partnership with premier training providers underscores the crucial importance of background checks in the yachting industry. These providers educate novice crew members on the value of CrewPass in gaining an edge in the competitive recruitment process.

Recognized by Renowned Job Boards

CrewPass Approved crew members can showcase their verified status to potential employers on our partner job boards. Validating their CrewPass accreditation during the sign-up process updates their job profile, signalling to employers that they’re fully vetted and ready for placement onboard.

Embraced by Industry Professionals

Many respected yachting industry professionals recognize the value of CrewPass’ thorough checks. They have chosen to incorporate CrewPass into their services or actively promote CrewPass to their clientele, further establishing us as the industry standard.

Join the CrewPass Network Today

Don’t let outdated methods hold back your recruitment or job search process. Join the CrewPass network today and experience the revolution in crew vetting and employment. Stand out from the crowd with CrewPass and navigate the recruitment process with confidence and ease.

Secure Your Future in the Yachting Industry

The CrewPass digital passport plays a crucial role in enhancing security and trust within the yachting industry. Click below to discover how CrewPass can revolutionize your career or hiring process.


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