We've made our background checks affordable for anyone

CrewPass can be purchased by anyone. 

If your a crew member looking to gain that competitive edge and show your next employer your safe for employment, we’ve created a monthly payment plan to ensure our checks are affordable. 

For employers, we have a fixed one-off payment per crew member.

For Crew

Tailored for Crew Members

At CrewPass, we understand the financial challenges associated with job searching. To ease this burden, we’ve tailored flexible payment plans to make background checks affordable for all crew members. Our approach involves covering the upfront costs of your checks, allowing you to repay them over time in a way that fits your financial situation. This initiative is part of our commitment to ensuring our services are accessible and supportive to those in the maritime industry.

Employers have the option to cover the cost of your CrewPass account once you’re employed, further easing your financial burden.


CrewPass pays for your checks upfront. You repay this amount in manageable monthly installments, easing your financial burden.
£ 12
  • 24-month fixed term

Paid in Full

Opt for a one-time payment, enjoying significant savings over the monthly plan. This option offers a straightforward, cost-effective solution without the need for monthly repayments.
£ 199
Covers a full 2-year period

Why 2-Year Plans?

Our plans are structured with a 2-year duration to ensure the utmost reliability and up-to-date status of our background checks. At CrewPass, we believe in maintaining the highest standards of safety and credibility. Criminal checks, being a crucial part of our verification process, are most effective when re-conducted every two years. This policy guarantees that all CrewPass Approved members are consistently vetted to the latest standards, offering peace of mind to both crew members and employers in the maritime industry.

For Employers

For employers, we charge a one-off payment per crew member. 

No matter where they come its always one fee. 

Order now in just 2 clicks. All we need is a name and email to get started.  


One-off Payment

£ 199
Per Crew Member

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