Simplify Your Yachting Career with the CrewPass Employment Passport

Your CrewPass Employment Passport

Revolutionise your maritime career once and for all. Stand out with a profile that efficiently reaches employers and establishes instant trust from the start, opening doors to unmissable opportunities.  We equip employers with the information they need to make informed hiring decisions, ultimately leading to safer crew. We empower crew members like you, giving you control over your professional visibility. You can showcase your verified credentials and qualifications, maximising your discoverability by potential employers while receiving notifications when your profile is viewed.


Introducing the Enhanced Employment Passport

The CrewPass Employment Passport is a major upgrade to streamline your hiring process. Key features include:

  • Document Authentication Status: Track and verify the status of all uploaded documents.
  • Enhanced Document Management: Upload, review rejection reasons, and track document status within the app.
  • Work Experience Section: Show off your maritime work history, including vessel details and positions, to potential employers.
  • Update Location Information: Keep your current location updated so you’re always in the right place.
  • CV Upload: Keep the latest version of your CV on your profile, ready for employers to view.

Beyond Boundaries: Share Your Profile Anywhere

CrewPass offers innovative solutions for effortless profile sharing. With the CrewPass Employment Passport, you’ll receive a unique QR Code and URL link. Include them on your CV, business card, or simply share your unique URL via messages and social media to increase visibility for potential employers. Boost your professional presence!

CrewPass QR Code

Never Miss a Beat: Instant Profile View Notifications

No more waiting in the dark! Stay informed and engaged with instant notifications when your profile is viewed by a potential employer. CrewPass eliminates that classic silence after submitting a CV, replacing it with a satisfying notification sound that keeps you on track with your application.

The visualization notification on CrewPass.

Your Trustworthy Employment Passport

CrewPass’s credibility is renowned throughout the maritime industry due to the security it provides for employers and crew. Having CrewPass on your CV signals that you’ve undergone an enhanced background check, which establishes a trust relationship between you and the employer from the beginning. The Employment Passport sets you apart in a hiring process since it indicates you’re not just another applicant; you’re a verified professional.

Having the CrewPass Employment Passport in your CV sets you apart in a hiring process.

Communication Made Easy

CrewPass ensures that your professional network is just a click away. As a digital employment tool where you can store everything you need to advance your maritime career, your passport also facilitates communication with employers. With dedicated buttons for WhatsApp and Email available on your profile, connecting with potential employers has never been easier!

Your Profile, Your Rules

CrewPass wouldn’t overlook one of the most vital things in the digital world: privacy. That’s why you have the possibility to control the visibility of your professional profile. Switch between public and private settings with ease, ensuring your information is shared on your own terms.

CrewPass locked profile.

Accessing Your Employment Passport

Our Employment Passport is accessible through our mobile app. Your unique QR code and URL can be found in the profile-sharing section of our app. This feature is available for users with an Approved, Pending, or Declined account status, ensuring that you’re always ready to showcase your professional credentials at a moment’s notice.

Launch Your Journey with CrewPass

Are you ready to set sail on new career adventures with your CrewPass Employment Passport? Sign up today, share your verified profile with ease, and connect with the industry’s best. Your next opportunity is just a scan away.

The All In One Professional Platform

Centralise all necessary documents in one place! The Employment Passport is a streamlined platform that makes the hiring process easier for everyone. It’s simpler to keep all information in one single place; that way, you can effortlessly share your profile, and the employer will have access to every piece of information they need.