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In our mission to support you in landing your dream job and creating a safer yachting community, we are excited to introduce CrewPass Approved Community. This exclusive service is a step forward in our commitment to our CrewPass Approved members.

Enhance Your CrewPass Experience with the CrewPass Approved Community

The CrewPass Approved Community is our latest initiative aimed at supporting you even further. This exclusive WhatsApp group is open to CrewPass Approved members only. It’s designed to provide instant notifications of job opportunities, including permanent positions, temporary work, and day jobs from crew agencies and industry professionals seeking CrewPass Approved Crew.

This exclusive group is a platform for regular job posts, aimed at helping crew find their dream job after becoming CrewPass Approved. Please note that while this community is an excellent source of potential opportunities, we are not a jobs board. The CrewPass Approved Community is an added support service to assist crew members in their career journey.

CrewPass was always designed to assist crew in getting on board their dream job and create a safer yachting community. By introducing the CrewPass Approved Community, we’re taking our mission one step further.

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