Effortlessly Order Comprehensive Background Checks for New Crew Members with CrewPass

Enhanced Criminal Background Checks and Certificate Authentications

Emphasising Security in the Yachting Industry

The yachting industry has long overlooked the importance of criminal background checks, despite their mandatory status in most professional industries.

At CrewPass, we understand the global nature of yacht employment and have streamlined the process to make it incredibly simple for you to order comprehensive checks for your new crew members.

All you need is a name and an email address, and we handle the rest – no account required.

Order a check now in just two clicks.

The Easy 4-Step Process ...

Provide Basic Information

CrewPass aims to minimize administrative burdens while ensuring the integrity of your crew and maintaining a safe working environment.

To start, simply provide the name and email address of your new hire.

Our CrewPass representative will contact you to keep you informed of the progress.

Name: ________

Email: ________

Invitations Sent

We will send an invitation to the crew member and collaborate with them to gather the necessary information for our comprehensive checks.

The process takes only five minutes for the crew member to complete.

Thorough Checks Conducted

Our dedicated team will perform extensive background checks, typically taking between 2 and 10 days to complete.

Receive Detailed Reports

Upon successful completion of our checks, the crew member will receive CrewPass Approved status.

You will also be provided with an in-depth report on our findings.

Ensure the Safety of Your Crew, Owners, and Their Families with CrewPass Approval

Order now to take the first step towards a secure and trusted team on board.

Transparent Pricing

For employers, we offer a straightforward, one-time payment per crew member, regardless of their country of origin.

Order now in just two clicks – all we need is a name and email address to begin.

(If a crew member already has CrewPass, just contact our team and their report will be provided for free)

One-off Payment

£ 199
Per Crew Member

Client Testimonials

"Has already helped me with a recent job" - "100% recommend and so worth doing for any crew member"
Austin Eszcori
CrewPass Approved Crew
"CrewPass made the integration simple, with a well thought out process the set up was quick and efficient."
Jessica Mountford
Office Manager, Wilsonhalligan
"Partnering with the CrewPass to offer integration within our platform will improve compliance operations for employers and crew alike.”
Steve Crawford
Founder, Yotspot