Congratulations, you are in!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the CrewPass Approved Community. This is your gateway to a world of new opportunities and connections within the yachting industry. A CrewPass representative will add you to the exclusive WhatsApp group shortly. You'll then become part of an active and supportive network where you'll be notified of job opportunities from leading crew agencies and industry professionals who are actively seeking CrewPass Approved Crew.

Mark your calendars!

We are excited to announce that job posts will begin on Tuesday, May 30th. This will be the start of a new journey where you’ll get instant notifications about permanent, temporary, and day-work positions. All job opportunities posted in the group will be openly seeking CrewPass Approved Crew, so you’ll be one step ahead in the recruitment process.

What to expect

The CrewPass Approved Community is more than just a group—it’s a platform for growth, learning, and connection. Here, you’ll have the chance to interact with fellow crew members, share experiences, and learn from each other. Remember, we are a community, and every member brings something unique to the table.

A reminder

Please remember that the CrewPass Approved Community is not a job board but an aftercare support platform to help our CrewPass Approved members. We are here to support you and assist you in navigating your career in the yachting industry. Your success is our mission!

Let's set sail towards success!

We are thrilled to have you on board and look forward to seeing you thrive within the CrewPass Approved Community. Your journey towards your dream job in the safer yachting community starts now.