The Hidden Dangers of the Yachting Industry: Why Comprehensive Background Checks Are Essential


The yachting industry is built on trust, professionalism, and the ability to work seamlessly as a team. Unfortunately, not everyone comes onboard with the best intentions, and it can be challenging to identify the risks some crew members might pose to others. A recent experience I had while giving a talk on the benefits of CrewPass highlighted the urgent need for comprehensive background checks in the yachting industry.

A Chilling Question

During one of my regular talks with yacht crew members about CrewPass, I was confronted with a disturbing question: would a serious crime show up on their CrewPass report? This individual had multiple offenses on their record, posing a genuine risk to their potential crew-mates, yacht owners, and families. As a result, we declined their application.

The Hidden Threat

Unfortunately, this person has now entered the industry and will work on a yacht that doesn’t conduct our checks, putting everyone onboard at genuine risk. This situation has made me wonder about the number of people with criminal histories hiding within this industry. If someone with such serious crimes had the confidence to ask me this question, there are undoubtedly many others who wouldn’t.

The Solution: Comprehensive Background Checks

This experience underscores the importance of including simple yet thorough background checks in your recruitment process. Relying solely on the references provided by crew members themselves or recruitment companies is insufficient – these references are often handpicked by the crew members, showcasing only their most favourable experiences. Moreover, recruitment companies often focus on work experience and recommendations without delving into criminal backgrounds. A comprehensive criminal background check and qualification validation are necessary to ensure the safety and professionalism of your yacht crew.

At CrewPass, we’re committed to making these checks accessible for every yacht, streamlining the process and providing yacht owners, families, and fellow crew members with peace of mind. In light of this eye-opening encounter, we’ve introduced a crucial new feature that allows yachts to access quick and easy checks without the need to create a CrewPass account.

The safety and security of everyone onboard a yacht should always be the top priority. By incorporating comprehensive background checks and qualification validation into your recruitment process, you’ll be taking a significant step toward creating a safe and trustworthy environment for all. Don’t let someone with a hidden criminal past put your crew at risk. Prioritize safety, and sail with confidence.


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