CrewPass is nominated for ACREW’s Best Superyacht Software Award 2022


"The Superyacht Business Awards 2022, voted the Best by Superyacht Captains & Crew, are awarded to the best businesses in the yachting industry. ACREW's network of over 15,000 Captain and Crew Members are invited to vote for the superyacht businesses that deserve global recognition for being the best in their field."

(ACREW, 2022)

Businesses will be judged on their strong social and digital platforms and media partnerships. Winning such a prestigious award will be a great marketing tool for businesses.

CrewPass is officially a nominee for the ‘Best Superyacht Software Award’ 2022. This award recognises businesses that use digital technology to improve the lives of crew members and guests onboard. The product or service is innovative, well polished, easily implemented by the user and has an overall attractive design. The software must serve a purpose, and customer service must be top quality.

We believe CrewPass’ services are a great contender for the awards as our main objective is to make the yachting industry safer for all and, in return, improve all lives onboard. CrewPass’ crew vetting services provide captains visibility on who they are employing. We also give crew agencies the confidence to place fully-vetted crew members onboard. We offer CrewPass Approved crew the chance to stand out and increase their employment chances. Plus, we at CrewPass believes we have surpassed the criteria for the awards:

• Innovation
• Technical excellence
• Effectiveness and implementation
• Impact
• Usability
• Potential for growth
• On-call assistance

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