CrewPass is supporting the revolutionary job board company, Dockendo!


"Applying for a job has never been so easy" -Dockendo

CrewPass is pleased to announce a new partnership with Dockendo!

Dockendo is the unique digital job board platform for the yacht industry, with native apps for iOS, Android, and the web. It is a robust, user-friendly interface and cost-effective platform that helps find and attract candidates deliver speed and quality crew worldwide thanks to the matching algorithm based on the soft and hard skills of the applicants. Have a first impression of the future crew members thanks to the video CV presentation integrated.

Get recognised by Dockendo by signing up with CrewPass and becoming CrewPass Approved, and let the recruiter know that you are a safe placement option. It is a straightforward process; you just fill in your information and wait 7–10 days for your background check results and accreditation.

Dockendo and Crewpass are fully integrated into the sign-in, allowing members to connect and validate their CrewPass approved accreditation and show the badge in their profile when they apply for a job in Dockendo. 

Create and post your offers in Dockendo with our Coupon: Dockendo25

and get 25% off CrewPass for 6 months. If you don’t have a CrewPass subscription, you can create a CrewPass account through the Dockendo sign-up process.

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