CrewPass Partnered with Your Seasonal Staff


With more and more recruitment agencies shifting focus onto comprehensive background checks, we at CrewPass are happy to announce a new partnership.

We have partnered with Your Seasonal Staff!

This is yet another exciting partnership which will see Your Seasonal Staff (YSS) apply the CrewPass next-generation integration to their service. Integrating CrewPass’ comprehensive background check will allow YSS to build upon the fantastic service they provide job seekers, ensuring that suitable candidates will get more exposure when applying for a job.

"We feel that the partnership with CrewPass is an obvious choice."

Managing Director of YSS, Zoe Jackson, is happy with the partnership. She explained why the integration of CrewPass’ services was the right choice for YSS moving forward.

“As an agency, we provide recruitment services for land-based positions in private households and finding crew for Mega Yachts.  It is vital that we deliver the highest level of due diligence as part of the recruitment and placement process and ensure that all document verification and reference checking is completed on each individual candidate. Whilst historically we have kept due diligence ‘in house’, we feel that the partnership with CrewPass is an obvious choice… We can be 100% confident that with CrewPass we are delivering the highest level of candidate background and security validation. We are excited to begin our journey with them.”

Our Managing Director shares this sentiment also. 

I couldn’t be happier to see another agency recognise the necessary need by supporting our checks as a standard procedure for their placements.

Your Seasonal Staff run an exceptional operation and I’m looking forward to working with Your Seasonal Staff.”

Your Seasonal Staff connection with Shire & Wold
Zoe Jackson is also Managing Director of Shire & Wold, with Your Seasonal Staff being an offshoot of the company.

About Your Seasonal Staff

Your Seasonal Staff are a recruitment website that provides job listings for off-shore and on-shore opportunities. Built upon a framework of experience in both maritime management and recruitment practises, YSS offers a wide array of listings in the EU, USA and the UAE. Whether you want to get a job on a superyacht or work in domestic staffing, YSS have those career paths covered. They pride themselves in being the go-to recruitment agency for listings in the above regions. This is why we are very pleased that they are looking to us to help streamline their background checking services, so they can allocate more resources to further expand their platform.

How to use CrewPass on Your Seasonal Staff

With CrewPass now being used with Your Seasonal Staff, job seekers can now inform YSS about being CrewPass Approved. Being CrewPass Approved allows employers to see that you have tangible proof of who you are and the comprehensive background check that CrewPass will conduct will be shared with employers who receive your applications. This will provide the confidence needed for employers when they are shortlisting candidates.

Visit Your Seasonal Staff for the latest job listings they are currently advertising.

Get CrewPass Approved today by clicking here.

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