CrewPass Update: New Vessel Sign-up Process


CrewPass offers two services that can be used together or separately. 

Superyacht Crew Management Software

CrewPass’ next-gen management software acts like a digital daily operations hub that assists with onboard procedures. We have digitalised various operations onboard, including the watch rota, crew list, in and outboard, sea time calendar, rest hour calendar etc. This service is entirely free to employ. Therefore Vessel accounts can add their entire crew list on our app for zero cost, no strings attached.

Comprehensive Crew Background Checks

CrewPass offers a background checking service that crew, vessels and agencies can utilise. Our checks allow Captains and HOD’s to feel confident in the person they are placing onboard. Remove uncertainty about a crew member’s safety by getting the seal of approval from CrewPass. Display to guests that your vessel has a fully vetted crew list and improve your vessel’s security and reputation.

When a vessel account chooses to sign up with CrewPass, the process of adding crew has just been made easier. CrewPass will provide vessel accounts with a unique URL they can share with their crew so that when a crew member creates a crew account, they will automatically be added to their crew list. Within this process, vessel accounts can assign ranks, vessel admins, HOD’s, and even choose to pay for crew to undergo comprehensive background checks.

How the vessel sign up process:

Our Innovative App Features:

Crew Lists

Once a vessel account has been made, you can share your vessel’s unique URL with all crew. Your crew must create an account through the link, and they will be automatically added to your crew list. Then you’ll be ready to take advantage of our daily operations hub app features!

Digitalised Watch Rota

CrewPass allows you to easily assign people on your crew list to a watch rota. This gives you the option to schedule your rotas weeks in advance. Watch rotas allow crew to see their upcoming duties, plus be notified when they are due to be on watch.

In and out board

Bring your in and out board into the 21st century with our vessel status board. Our technology lets you quickly see who is on or off the vessel and allows crew members to update their status easily. Crew can tap on the beacons or manually update the board let Captains and HOD’s know if they are onboard, off the vessel or on leave.

Sea Time & Rest Hours Calendar

Crew can keep track of their sea time and send it off to you for approval. Plus, keep track of your crew’s rest hours on our app’s rest hour calendar. Our app will automatically calculate these times and highlight whether they are compliant or not.


Encrypted Private & Group Chats

Communicate with crew, and assign departmental groups on a professional messaging platform which is encrypted end to end for your safety. 

Completely free! No payment details or contracts!

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