The Ultimate Guide to Adding Your CrewPass Badge to Your CV

Forget the stacks of paperwork, let your CV shine with a single badge. The CrewPass badge is a digital handshake on paper, instantly establishing trust and credibility with potential employers. Add it to your CV today and give every employer instant acknowledgement you’ve passed your background check.

The Purpose of Your CrewPass CV Badge

The badge streamlines your job search and opens doors to new opportunities. It reduces friction in the hiring process by providing captains with the instant knowledge that you are CrewPass Approved, saving them time and resources

For Crew Members

Credibility at a Glance: The CrewPass badge is your instant validation, showcasing verified background checks, authenticated qualifications, and professionalism. It sets you apart in a competitive landscape.

Fast Track to Opportunity:  Skip the paperwork and tedious verification process. The badge speaks for itself, saving captains time and effort while opening doors to new opportunities for you.

Boost Your Confidence: Present yourself with the assurance of verified credentials, knowing captains recognise your commitment to excellence. It’s your passport to confidence and a successful yachting career.

For Captains

Simplify Hiring: The CrewPass badge is your filter for reliable and qualified crew. It provides immediate assurance that candidates meet stringent verification standards, saving you valuable time and resources.

Make Informed Decisions: Hire with confidence. The badge reduces the risk of unsuitable crew members, ensuring safety and compliance on board your vessel. Attract top talent who prioritise professionalism and safety, leading to a more reliable and qualified team.

Minimise Risk and Liability: Choose CrewPass Approved candidates who have undergone thorough criminal record background checks. This minimises potential liabilities and provides peace of mind knowing your crew is trustworthy and committed to upholding the highest standards. 

Enjoy Peace of Mind: Know your crew is trustworthy and committed. The CrewPass badge fosters a safer and more successful yachting experience for everyone involved. 

Want to know in detail the checks your crew has undergone? Just contact info@crewpass to order a free report on your next hire. 

How To Use Your CV Badge

1. Accessing Your Badge:

As soon as you become CrewPass Approved your badge will be automatically sent to you via email. You will be able to download the badge from the email to your device. 

2. Integrate with Your CV:

Open your CV in your preferred word processor. Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Docs – the choice is yours!

Click the “Insert” tab and choose “Picture” or “Image.” Browse for the downloaded badge file you saved earlier. 

Please see the example of where the badge can be placed. 

3. Showcase and Spread the Word:

Add the badge to the top of your CV to enable employers to quickly see your CrewPass Approved status. 

Share your badge proudly! Mention your CrewPass Approved status in job applications and interviews.

Stand out

Our integrations with job boards and recruiters allow your profile to stand out.

Gain instant Trust

Everyone applies online, but before CrewPass, employers had no way of knowing that information is genuine.

Share with Just a Click

We've made it quick and easy to share you status with everyone.

Secure Digital Wallet

CrewPass uses next-generation security to ensure your information is kept secure.