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CrewPass has created an app to make your lives easier. It holds all important documents and information, but it also has various features that act as a daily operation hub for crew members and vessel accounts.

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Access crew lists on your mobile phone

CrewPass has digitalised crew lists so that captains can access the list on their mobile phones and tablets. Once a crew member has been given a unique ID number, they can share their number with their captain, and the captain can add the crew member to the vessel’s crew list. Captains will be able to see exactly who is working on the vessel, crew members’ vessel position, and if they are onboard, off-board or on leave.

Innovative in and out boards

Bring your in and out board to the 21st century with our vessel status board. Place our in and out beacons on the vessel to have instant updates on who is on and off. Our in and out boards allow crew members to clock in and out on the CrewPass app, automatically updating the crew list. This feature allows captains to keep track of who’s exactly onboard, off the vessel and on leave.



When you sign up for a vessel account, we will send you a set of 2 beacons. You will need to place them near the entrance to the vessel, and providing your crew member has the CrewPass app on their phone, it will automatically mark them in or out.

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Digitalised watch rotas

Easily assign crew to the watch rota from your crew list. Plan weeks in advance and have all your crew notified when they should be on watch. The watch rotas will show who is on watch and what vessel position they are working in. Captains can also lock the watch rota, allowing crew members to access and view the rota, but they will not be able to make changes and edit it.


Crew Info

Have all your crew members information there whenever you need it. Captains can access vital crew information including DOB, bio, CrewPass status, visa history, vaccination history, training certificates, email address, phone number and more background information. Our daily operations hub app also automatically send notifications and reminders before an important document is close to expiring to prompt them to get it updated.

Encrypted vessel chat

Our vessel chat feature allows crew members working within the same vessel to communicate. Our chat feature offers both a private chat function and a group/department chat function that is fully encrypted for security. All CrewPass accounts will be able to access this feature on the CrewPass app.


Sea Time & Rest Hours

Crew can keep track of their sea time and send it off to you for approval. Plus, keep track of your crew’s rest hours on our app’s rest hour calendar. Our app will automatically calculate these times and highlight whether they are compliant or not.

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  • Beacons for the in and out boards are included with every Vessel account for free.

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