Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers and Spa Therapists Onboard


Did you know that if you are a personal trainer, yoga teacher or spa therapist, your services are in demand on superyachts? The current superyacht market demands fitness and wellness crew on board as the shift towards wellness-focused lifestyles increases in popularity. Luxurious superyachts have specifically requested gym and wellness spaces incorporated in designs. Many guests have also explicitly sought out wellness yacht charters which have become super popular.

Image from Ocean Independence

Superyachts with outstanding gym designs and wellness spaces

According to BOAT International, some of the best superyachts include the Flying Fox, Joy, Amaryllis and Titania. The Flying Fox has two floors with the best treatments executed by skilful therapists and professional trainers. Plus, the Flying Fox offers a range of water toys perfect for anyone who thrives on adventure. Joy offers beautiful views whilst guests work out. The yachts large windows fold open to create an indoor-outdoor space. BOAT International lists all the impressive gym equipment on board, including “free weights, a bench press, elliptical, treadmill, exercise bike and more.” The Titania superyacht is “home to a climate control gymnasium” (BOAT International) and a personal trainer who does personalised workouts to benefit all guests. Lastly, the Amaryllis has a range of exercise equipment, including a treadmill, versa climber, spinning bike, a cross trainer and a rowing machine!

Image from BOAT International

What do you need to work onboard a superyacht?

Personal trainers will need a minimum of a recent Level 3 Personal Training Certification. According to Wilson Halligan, you will need a 200hr certification if you are a yoga instructor. Plus, if you are a Spa Therapist, you will need an NVQ Level 3 with experience in nail care, massage skils and facial skills. All three professions will need to acquire maritime qualifications, including an STCW and Eng1 Medical Certification. If you work on a yacht, you will predominantly work as a stew(ard) or a deckhand and practise your specialised services when required by guests.

Wellness yacht charters

A rise in the importance of self-care and wellness has caused a rise in guests requesting to go on wellness charters. Bluewater highlights: 

“A yacht not only provides tranquil accommodation and deck spaces for exercise and contemplation, but also comes with a private, highly-trained chef who tailors healthy menus to accommodate any health request or special diets, from weight loss and detox to gluten free, raw food, or paleo.” 

Guests request meditation sessions, pilates classes, hair treatments, plunge pools, beauty salons onboard, massages and more. Large yachts can offer these services on board in their own spa facilities, but smaller yachts have to dock up and visit a local spa venue.

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