The Best Yachting Pages, Blogs & Groups 2022


Unlike some other industries, the yachting industry is packed with insightful information showcased on web pages, blogs and groups to make life onboard easier for crew members. Plenty of industry professionals and yachting businesses have passed their wisdom, knowledge, and tips down to crew via these platforms to ensure that everything runs smoothly on board for everyone. There are many resources to benefit the yachting industry but knowing where to find them can prove to be difficult at times. CrewPass has listed our personal favourite blogs, groups, and pages below, which we believe you need to check out!

Our Favourite Yacht Blogs

The Best Tips & Tricks For Interior Crew

The Stewardess Bible

Kylie O’Brien is the founder and author of The Stewardess Bible and has 12 years of yachting under her belt. Now retired, O’Brien has generously provided a library full of useful information specifically for interior crew for free!

Some of our favourite titles include:
“Small Space – Storage solutions”
“Superyacht Crew Visa’s Explained”
“How to Clean a Dishwasher”
“Cleaning with Vinegar”
“The Power of a Smile In Guest Service”

O’Brien’s tips and tricks are invaluable to any green crew looking for advice on the basics!

Tips & Tricks, Housekeeping, Guest Service, Product Reviews

The Most Educational Blog

Quay Crew

Quay Crew is a yacht crew recruitment agency which was established in 2013. The agency has placed over 1,500 crew candidates, and they have an overall 40 years’ onboard experience. The company has first-hand knowledge gained from careers in yachting, grasping client needs and placing crew onboard. If you wish to find out how to get a job onboard or need to know how to write an incredible CV, it only makes sense to go straight to the people who do the hiring!

Our Favourite Blog Posts include:

“9 crew CV mistakes to avoid”
“How a positive onboard culture can boost crew mental health”
“How to decide between two superyacht job offers”

Career Advice, Recruitment, Leadership, Industry Insight

The Best Blog For Yacht Steward(esses)

The Yacht Stew Blog

Gemma Hubbert is the founder of ‘The Yacht Stew.’ Her fantastic team has an excellent blog page full of posts that will help any stew regardless of your level of experience or rank!

The Yacht Stew’s most popular blog titles include:
“The Importance of Pap Smears”
“First Time Chief Stew”
“Transitioning to Chief Stew”
“James Bond Dinner”

Crew Wellness, Online Courses, Career Advice, Yachtie Lifestyle

The Best Blog For Green Steward(esses)

The Seaworthy Stew Blog

Jess is the face behind The Seaworthy Stew! Jess has worked on yachts for 5 years and is currently on land to help aspiring yacht crew “anchor themselves in the right position so that they can break into the yachting industry with confidence!” If you are struggling to get into the industry or want to know more about joining the industry Jess’ blog page is for you!

Our personal favourite blogs include:
“How To Write A Yachting CV”
“What Will I Gain From Doing A Yacht Stew Training Course If It Doesn’t Guarantee Me A Job?”
“How To Prepare For Your First Charter as a Junior Yacht Stew”

Career Advice, Recruitment

Our Favourite Pages & Groups

The Best Facebook Page For Crew

The Crew Coach

The Crew Coach helps crew become “confident leaders” and opens doors to a robust network of industry leaders. The Crew Coach offers crew accredited leadership courses, counselling services and exclusive memberships. The page provides various information, advice and knowledge that will help crew further their careers!

Career Advice, Crew Courses, Workshops, Job performance

The Best All Rounder

Yachting Pages

Yachting Pages is one of the most popular resources in the superyacht industry, with over 26000 listings of the top shipyards, agents, marinas, and provisioning. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Captain, a yacht enthusiast, yacht crew or someone entirely different; Yachting Pages has you covered!

Business listings, marketing services, branding & design, YP Online, YP Print, YP Delivers, YP Refit, YP App, Web design and Dealer Network.

Popular categories:
Crew Products & Services, Galley & Chef, Health & Fitness, Interior Equipment & Services, On the Deck, Ports and Marinas, Refit & Repair, Shore Support & Services, Technology, Tenders & Toys

The Best Group For Job Roles

Yacht Crew Recruitment (Jobs Only)

This group is a forum for yachting jobs and related updates around recruitment and training. Captains and crew agencies post job specifications on the group with contact details available for crew to see. Job positions vary from lead deckhand, Bosun, Chef, Stewardess and more! Yacht Crew Recruitment (Jobs Only) is a group worth joining if you are looking for a yacht job.


The Most Controversial Group

Yachties: Name, Shame and Fame

This is a group dedicated to naming and shaming programs, businesses, and vessels that withhold money or mistreat crew in an attempt to shield crew from suffering the same fate. This group hosts shocking crew stories, which are worth reading! If you have any questions about a company, agency, job offer or vessel, this group is a great place to ask.

Crew Stories, Vessel Reviews, Agency Reviews, Business Reviews, Scam Alerts

If you have any notable pages, blog posts or groups that we have missed, please let us know in the comment section. We would love to know your favourites!

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