The Importance of Background Checks


Pre-employment screening is a common practice in most industries. Hiring the most suitable candidate provides peace of mind for employers and saves a lot of money in the long run. To ensure you find the best candidate, conducting background checks can provide valuable information, making the decisions more straightforward. Most checks look at a person’s criminal history, education, credit report, employment history, and reference checks. However, background checks are carried out differently depending on the country.

Although in most areas, the yachting industry is very secure and prestigious, background checks are more optional depending on the yacht owners, captains or agency’s preferences. Most of the checks that get carried out before employment in the yachting industry are just reference checks. Reference checks verify a candidate’s work habits, dependability and social skills. Simple reference checks are not sufficient to fully comprehend a candidate’s suitability. Furthermore, they are not extensive enough to regard the crew member’s life before yachting.

CrewPass’ detailed background checks aim not to vilify crew members but to avoid any potential safety or criminal risks onboard. Superyachts can be considered an extension of their home for yacht owners, and it is a place where they can bring their friends and family. Not only do crew members have the responsibility of human safety, but many priceless items are placed onboard. This is why reference checks do not suffice! CrewPass has created a subscription that spreads the cost of our enhanced criminal record checks. Our checks are carried out internationally, meaning no matter where a crew member lives, we can conduct their checks. 

According to Investopedia (2022), First Advantage (FA) is the overall best background checking sites for 2022. 

First Advantage is the best overall background check site because results are quick, and it offers international background checks. The company manually reaches out to candidates if they need additional information, so you don’t have to contact them yourself. FA’s background checks typically come back very quickly, but that timing can be longer depending on the country or county. First Advantage is CrewPass’ main background checking provider allowing us to give our customers one of the literal best background checking service on the market.

However, CrewPass much more than a simple background checking company. We offer a variety of services that benefits everyone in the industry. Our Superyacht Crew Management Software allows vessels and crew to keep track and manage daily operations onboard. This app includes a digitalised crew list, in & out board, watch rotas, private/group chats, sea time calendar, rest hours reporting, document storage, and more to be announced soon!

For just £9.99 p/m (2-year term) crew can get one of the most comprehensive global criminal background checks on the market, ID verification, CrewPass Approved accreditation and status updates on the app. If an agency or a vessel wishes to verify their crew and get checks conducted on crew members, they can pay a one-off fee of £200 per crew member. If you wish to conduct checks on your crew, please contact us!

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