The top yacht chefs on social media 2021


On superyachts, food is one the most important elements that can make or break a charter. Therefore, chefs have an essential role on yachts, and they are constantly under pressure to meet high standards. Becoming a yacht chef takes hard work and dedication; all yacht chefs need basic yacht training and at least two years of experience in a professional kitchen. These highly skilled chefs have incredibly long workdays and very early starts. Serving the elite with unique food preferences and demands means yacht chefs have to be completely versatile. The yacht chefs featured on this blog are, in our opinion, the top chefs on social media. All chefs included in this blog post extraordinary creations and excellent food presentations on their social media.

Dean Harrison is arguably one of the most well-known chefs on Instagram, and if you’re a yachting enthusiast, you have probably heard of Dean Harrison. Harrison has been a trained chef for 16 years, and impressively, 9 of them has been in yachting! Flexibility, composure and organisation are his greatest strengths. Harrison’s Instagram highlights a range of brightly coloured food and aspirational yacht lifestyle posts. Dean Harrison has a uniquely neat and precise food presentation that looks luxurious. Combining his thorough plate displays and the use of expensive garnishes such as caviar, Harrison’s food screams extravagance. If you are interested in becoming a yacht chef, Harrison also provides in-depth tips and advice on his website.

Nicholas Hare, also known as “Nick”, is a private yacht chef from England. Hare is a very versatile chef cooking vegan dinners to lavish seafood! But what draw people to his social media is that Nick is not afraid to make comfort food such as a smashed double patty’s with cheese, maple bacon burger that looks mouth-watering—or re-creating a family favourite, a classic spaghetti bolognese! Nick’s social media pages highlight his dedication and love for cooking, as nearly all of his posts showcase his exceptional food creations.

Nina Wilson is currently the head chef on Motor Yacht Trevelry, and she is also behind the scenes of the yachting industry columnist for Dockwalk. Her attention to detail is exceptional, and her YouTube video about breakfast preparation illustrates how dedicated Nina is to her profession. Her warm personality on her YouTube videos makes her naturally likeable. Her accuracy in batch production shows how much of a perfectionist she is as a chef. Like Dean Harrison, Nina Wilson posts a variety of food and travel photography on her social media. Plus, Nina uses interesting flavour combinations making her a stand out yacht chef.

Hannah Walker is another British yacht chef who has made our top yacht chef list! Her fresh and flavoursome cooking is always a crowd-pleaser. Plus, Walker’s strengths are cooking healthy food plus, vegan and vegetarian dishes. For example, Walker’s buttermilk battered cauliflower looks divine and wholesome; many of her meals are internationally inspired cuisine. Walker’s innovative dishes is one of many reasons why her social media pages are such a hit online.

Lastly but definitely not least, Grace Dvornik is growing in popularity on social media. Grace is a freelance yacht and estate chef who is rather famous on TikTok. Impressively, Grace has served many impressive figures, including celebrities, royalty and retired politicians. Grace’s salad’s looks too good to eat, and delicious desserts are insanely impressive. Grace’s healthy but delicious food, plus her down-to-Earth Instagram, is refreshing and inspiring.

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