This or that: Yachtie edition


This week CrewPass decided to ask our Instagram followers a variety of this or that questions based on yachting. We aim to help green crew feel completely prepared to join the industry; sometimes, it’s best to go straight to the source and see what the people within the industry have to say. After 24 hours of voting, the results are in. Let’s look at what our followers favour in the yachting industry…

Jet Skis or Jet Packs?

Yacht toys play a massive part in the charter experience for guests and crew. There has been an increasing demand for water-based toys noticed by charter brokers. “Most successful charter yachts will have an excellent selection of toys onboard. They are seen by the crew as crucial to meeting and surpassing the guests’ high expectations for enjoyment.” (Ocean Premium).

Jet skis are a standard on most yachts, and they tend to be great fun for all. Jet Skiing also gives your cardiovascular system a great workout as just 30 minutes a day improves your endurance hugely.

A jet pack is a device worn on the back that uses gas or liquid jets to propel the wearer through the air. However, unlike jet skis, learning to fly with jet packs is a challenging, time-consuming process. But once you get the hang of it, you can fly 30 feet above the ocean, dive under the surface like a dolphin and walk on water.

The Results:
Jet skis: 68%
Jet packs: 32%

There is an unmistakable winner; jet skis are the favourite water toy! They are a standard on many yachts, they are great fun and easy to manoeuvre!

The Med or The Caribbean?

The Mediterranean and the Caribbean are arguably the most popular yachting destinations in the world. Both places offer a unique charter experience full of individual culture, food, scenery and landmarks.

The Caribbean sailing season is from November to July. The tropical paradise in the Caribbean islands offers pristine beaches, vibrant cultures, ideal sailing conditions and crystal clear water. The warmer water in the Caribbean makes it more pleasurable to swim in. But the Caribbean is prone to way more rain and unpredictable weather.

Whilst the Mediterranean prides itself on the best food in the world, extensively rich cultures and breathtaking cliffside sites. The Mediterranean is the world’s largest yacht charter area, covering Greece, Croatia, Italy and more. The history in the Med is incomparable, featuring the Greek and Italian ruins, monumental cathedrals, mosaics, music and art.

The Results:
The Med: 54%
The Caribbean: 46%

Overall, the results are pretty close, whilst they fluctuated in the last 24 months. From these results, it’s clear that they are equally impressive, but both locations offer something unique, with pros and cons.

Sailboat or Powerboat?

Sailboats and powerboats both have notable advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the size, both sailboats and powerboats will have the same marina costs. The main thing people focus on is the type of experience they wish to have on the water.

People who choose sailboats tend to feel pride in navigating the water, and the sailboat arguably offers a more adventurous type of travel. Sailboats connect people to the water and the weather on a primal level whilst feeling a sense of satisfaction. Plus, this form of travel is more environmentally friendly as wind powers the boat. However, sailboats tend to be more time-consuming, energy-draining and demand more training.

A powerboat is an ultimate bay and ocean boat and is excellent for transporting short fishing trips into the wide-open water. Sailboats will never contend with the speed of the dual engines of a powerboat. Plus, powerboats tend to have more space, including deck space and interior space with amenities such as cabins and stand-up galleys. However, powerboats rely on fuel, have expensive engines and have constant noise of an engine.

The Results:
Sailboat: 27%
Powerboat: 73%

Powerboats are generally more comfortable for living and sleeping than sailboats, and more of the boat is above water and tends to be more open in space. Powerboat decks are not cluttered with sails or masts; therefore, they are much more leisurely moving around and excellent for onboard entertaining.

Private Boats or Charter Yachts?

In a private yacht job, you will work on a yacht used only by the owner and their guests. On a charter yacht, you’ll be working on a boat chartered primarily by families for lavish holidays, businesses for corporation use or special events. Before you apply for yacht jobs, we recommend you learn what type of yachting experience you wish to undergo.

Private yacht jobs typically pay a little less than those working on a charter boat. However, private yachts offer generous bonuses and other benefits, including health insurance. Private yachts go where the owner fancies, which means crew may have the opportunity to explore some of the world’s remote destinations, anywhere from Antarctica to the Galapagos Islands. Plus, surpassing the owner’s expectations is more manageable as you develop a working relationship.

Yacht charters offer lucrative tips! Crew typically receive a gratuity at the end of charters, which could end up being 20% of the price of the charter. A charter yacht has continuous guests coming on and off the boat. This means the crew is constantly kept on their toes and must try to anticipate their guests’ needs. On a charter yacht, every trip is different, which is a great opportunity for crew who enjoy spontaneity in their lives.

The Results:
Private Boats: 41%
Charter Yachts: 59%

Although the results were relatively close, charter yachts came up on top overall. Many crew a drawn by the lucrative earning potential that charter yachts tend to offer.

Yoga or Gym?

Many green crew question if they can keep up with their fitness routine and stay in shape while working onboard. Even with cramped living quarters and long work hours, there are still opportunities to maintain a good exercise programme and stay fit at sea.

Many superyachts contain a gym board, and now that the rise in health and well-being has directly affected the yachting industry. Some yachts have the state of the art gyms fully equipt. Many crew members are allowed to take advantage of the equipment when guests are off board.

Yoga and pilates on yachts are taking social media by storm, with many yacht crew creating separate social media accounts dedicated to this type of fitness. Yoga is a set of specific exercises, called poses, combined with breathing techniques and meditation principles which can be practised anywhere. Yoga can be practised on the beach, on deck, in the gym, in a studio and pretty much anywhere with a bit of space.

The Results:
Yoga: 26%
Gym: 74%

Shockingly, the gym surpassed the yoga results, with the majority of yacht crew voting that the gym is their favourite way to keep fit and healthy.

Do you agree or disagree with the results? Let us know what you think and comment below if you have any other questions you would like CrewPass to ask our followers!

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