VIP Yacht Crew now integrated with CrewPass


VIP Yacht Crew are now the latest company to integrate our services onto their platform. This one, however, is a very unique one indeed…

This new integration will combine both our resources to provide a talent pool that is background checked and assessed psychologically.

Understanding The Candidate.

VIP Yacht Crew’s approach to hiring practices is very endearing. They are dedicated to finding the perfect yacht crew for their clients, and their methods do speak for themselves. With a focus on providing crew that works well in a harmonious environment, they have created a bespoke process to understand how a candidate operates as a human being. Now, a very basic process like this is used in job interviews across many different industries.

But not like this.

VIP Yacht Crew was founded by Karine Rayson and Giovanni Napoli, both experienced seafarers with a deep understanding of the yachting industry and its practices. What sets them apart from normal recruitment founders are the other feathers that they have in their sailor caps. Karine is an accredited profile assessor, thanks to her background in counselling – psychology and organisational psychology. Giovanni is a mental health advocate and the founder of the Happy Crew App. This pairing forms the ingredients for the hiring formula the VIP Yacht Crew uses to find the best candidates. Through a mixture of interviews and relationship development between recruiter and talent, this interesting exercise of understanding human behaviour allows VIP Yacht Crew to handpick the best crew that comes their way when it comes to vessels looking to fill the ship’s ranks.

Increased crew retention and their interpersonal dynamics are top of the menu here, and we at CrewPass are ready to help to ensure that the recruitment process is smooth sailing for the end-user, from the application process to boarding the yacht.

CrewPass' Role in this Process

Background checks and profiling are two sides of the same coin. The methods that VIP Yacht Crew use to find talent are very good at spotting behaviours that would cause great concern for the rest of the crew. But being extra careful with candidates is always the best way to go, especially when some bad actors slip through the cracks, who not only are a negative presence onboard but could also potentially create a serious security risk. Because of this, CrewPass will provide extra support to VIP Yacht Crew in their vetting process by integrating our own bespoke background-checking service to help facilitate the shortlisting process. By getting CrewPass Approved on VIP Yacht Crew, it shows them that the candidate has passed all the criminal and background checks, allowing the VIP team to focus on developing further their vetting process to operate with the knowledge that the candidate is legitimate in their credentials.

"Well-being of the crew is something very important to me"

The well-being of crew is very paramount in the eyes of both VIP Yacht Crew and CrewPass, and Conrad is ready to see what the future hold for this partnership.

“Being former crew myself, the well-being of crew is something very important to me,” he explained, “I have first-hand experience in what it is like when the dynamic is off amongst the crew, and I have seen people leave yachting behind them due to the bad experiences that they have had. Yachting should be a positive experience for everyone. Myself and the rest of the CrewPass team advocate for mental health and well-being in the yachting industry and we fully support the methods that VIP Yacht Crew use to support these issues.”

Whilst I have absolutely no doubt that VIP Yacht Crew will identify candidates that are not fit for the role, our background checking services would most certainly help streamline this process, as a background check would provide a good baseline for the shortlisting process as not being truthful about your credentials is not only a good indicator about what kind of individual the candidate is but will also ensure the safety of everybody onboard by eliminating the possibility of criminal behaviour.”

What VIP Yacht Crew do is truly fascinating. As demand continues to grow for more rigid background checks in the yachting industry, it’s incredible to get into a partnership with an agency with such a unique way in how they operate. This writer would certainly love an opportunity to pick the brains of the founders in the future about their methods, and all of us at CrewPass cannot wait to see what the future will bring as the partnership further develops.

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