Certified Training is partnering with CrewPass


Certified Training is a certified superyacht crew training academy based in Cape Town, South Africa. The academy has assisted over 7000 crew members from all over the world, benefiting all four roles: Yacht Deckhand, Yacht Steward(ess), Yacht Engineer and Yacht Chef.

Certified Training’s unique selling point is their extensive range of superyacht-specific courses designed to enhance crew members’ training experience. The academy offers a free personal consultation allowing students to access a superyacht-style cv template, worldwide crew accommodation lists and even interview techniques.

However, Certified Training has gone one step further to support their students by helping them gain their Visa’s and Offshore accounts.

CrewPass and Certified Training’s partnership aims to further aid crew with their hiring journey. The partnership gives crew all the essential tools to gain a competitive edge over other candidates. Furthermore, CrewPass is proud to be fully integrated into Certified Training’s sign up process providing CrewPass Approved crew with a straightforward way to validate their status.

Gain a competitive edge by accomplishing superyacht training courses that are role-based on top of essential courses like STWC today. Also, highlight that you are a safe crew member by passing a full background check by CrewPass.

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