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The yachting industry is booming, the market is actively growing, and there has been an influx of green crew joining it. Dockwalk (2022) states that “the departments with the highest growth were chef and stew with a 57 per cent increase in job orders.” However, as the yacht recruitment industry expands, so does the competition. Green crew share the same training certificates and lack industry experience. Thus, the primary way to impress potential employers is to make their CV stand out. If you are interested in how to write a yachtie CV, CrewPass has 2 blogs that would benefit you: How can CrewPass elevate your CV?” and “Superyacht CVs: Make sure your CV looks its best!” However, in this blog post, we will discuss why it’s important to add your CrewPass Approved unique ID badge to your CV.

Why should you become CrewPass Approved? (If you are not already)

CrewPass is multifaceted, and promotes many different benefits for a wide range of people. Whether you are a captain looking to take advantage of our superyacht crew management software, an agency that wants to promote fully vetted crew or a crew member wishing to gain an edge in the industry. CrewPass has you covered. For Crew, we offer you a chance to add value to your CV by providing a desired accreditation and a badge to let employers know that you are CrewPass Approved.

To become CrewPass Approved, a crew member must take a few steps. Firstly you must sign up and submit your application. Then CrewPass conducts in-depth, international checks, leading to your final results. You will be awarded the CrewPass Approved accreditation if you have passed your checks. We will send you an email which will have your unique ID attached to it.

Stand out with a unique ID badge on your CV

Your unique ID badge will host your name, unique ID number, Approved status and our tick. This badge is 100% personalised to you, meaning no one can replicate it. Show off your new status by displaying it proudly on your CV and let all employers know that you are safe to place onboard.

When everyone is sitting, stand up! When everyone is standing, stand out! And when everyone is standing out, be the standard...

- Pinkie Seth Hlazo

CrewPass is a five-star, globally recognised and supported company which is why we are trusted by some of the largest businesses in the industry! Crew agencies, training providers, management companies, yacht owners, Captains, job boards and more are on board with our mission to make background checking an industry standard. Companies including Viking Maritime Group, Bespoke Crew, Wilsonhalligan, Quay Crew, Diana Corell, The OM, Superyacht CV’s, The Superyacht Chef, Dockendo, Trilogy Luxury Training, Ya crew, UKSA, YPI Crew and Seven Seas Recruitment, all support and welcome CrewPass Approved crew.

Don’t forget to add our accreditation to your CV under certificates and add your ID badge to the CV. Show off to captains and agencies that you have something other green crew don’t have. Highlight to potential employers that you are a quality candidate that is dedicated to the industry. 

Pay over 2 years for just £9.99 p/m or pay annually and get one step closer to your dream job. 

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