How can CrewPass elevate your CV?


Adapt your CV specifically for the yachting industry

CVs used for the yacht industry are different to the CVs people use for other industries. Additional aspects of the CV are attached to meet the needs of marine employers. For example, most employers like to see a professional profile image on crew CVs; this is important for identification. Plus, the CV is typically split into previous work history and yachting work history to show both onboard and shore-based experience. If a crew member has no work history onboard but has transferrable skills from land-based jobs, this could be beneficial to state on the CV. Important information includes previous vessel position experience, previous seasons and location history, and relevant training, and this is crucial for employers to see on a crew member’s CV. Most importantly, having the CrewPass Approved Accreditation highlighting that you have cleared a criminal background check and proved that you are a safe employee is vital to add to your CV.

CrewPass’ services simplify your recruitment process

CrewPass’ services offer in-depth criminal background checks, job history checks, and verification of your ID, making you appear a more reliable candidate to employers. Thus, purchasing the accreditation will show employers that you are a dedicated person to this industry and willing to take one step further to work in yachting compared to other candidates that don’t take the initiative.

Add your Unique ID number and badge to your CV

Once a potential crew member is verified, they will receive the CrewPass approved accreditation, which will prove to employers that they are a worthy candidate. This will put you above others applying for the same job. Candidates can add their unique ID number to their CV, allowing employers to send out a record request to access all the valuable information about a candidate all in one place. When working on superyachts, crew members will have to work with respectable people.

Therefore, vessels and agencies must employ dependable, trustworthy, skilled employees to guarantee high-quality service. Unreliable employees directly affect vessels’ and agencies’ reputations; furthermore, CrewPass’ accreditation allows employers to make more secure and safe recruitment decisions.

The CrewPass CV template:

Download CrewPass' CV template for FREE

Still struggling to write your CV? Download CrewPass’ CV tailored for the yachting industry. Download the Microsoft Word document and fill in your information and send it to employers. If you are verified, you can add your CrewPass badge so that recruiters can easily recognise that you are CrewPass Approved! (CrewPass’ services are live on the 3rd of December 2021).

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