The CrewPass Employment Passport


We have been working hard to bring you the CrewPass Employment Passport, poised to modernise maritime recruitment. Crafted with crew members, employers, and agencies in mind, CrewPass ensures unmatched convenience, efficiency, and security throughout the recruitment journey. Whether you’re a seasoned yachting professional, an employer seeking top talent, or an agency representative aiming for streamlined operations, CrewPass promises to transform your experience.

For Crew

Instant Profile View Notifications: Receive instant notifications when your profile catches an employer’s eye, eliminating the waiting game after CV submissions.

The visualization notification on CrewPass.

Effortless Profile Sharing: Boost your visibility effortlessly with CrewPass’ unique QR code and URL link, ideal for sharing on CVs, business cards, or social media.

Credibility and Trust: Stand out as a verified professional with CrewPass on your CV, supported by robust security and background checks.

Privacy Control: Maintain control over your professional profile’s visibility with CrewPass, ensuring your information is shared on your terms.

CrewPass locked profile.
A locked profile

For Agencies

Effortless Verification: Access verified crew information instantly with CrewPass’ secure URLs and QR codes.

Effortless Decision-Making: Access up-to-date information on crew profiles for seamless engagement throughout the hiring process.

Connect Directly with Qualified Crew: Streamline communication with verified crew members through built-in contact options.

A Glimpse into the Future: Stay ahead with upcoming features like Verified Certificates, promising enhanced efficiency in the hiring process.

For Employers

Instant Crew Verification: Scan QR codes or use secure URLs to access verified crew profiles. Build trust in your hiring!

Effortless Crew Communication: CrewPass integrates contact details and communication buttons directly into the Employment Passport.


Coming Soon: Streamline Your Hiring with Enhanced Certificate Verification on CrewPass!

Experience unparalleled convenience and control with the game-changing CrewPass Employment Passport. Verified credentials, seamless communication, and effortless hiring – all in one place. We’re constantly innovating, with exciting features like enhanced certificate verification on the horizon.


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