CrewPass’ accreditation is recognised by leading crew recruitment agencies and vessels across the globe

Once your account has passed our background and identification checks, you will be given a unique identification number. Your Unique ID number will be located on your profile page, along with your name, birthday, bio, and other background information. If potential employers want access to this information, they will need to send a request.

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Share your unique ID number with employers

Your unique ID number can be shared with recruitment agencies and vessels, allowing them to send you a record request. CrewPass acts as a vault that stores all your information in one place, including background information, criminal records, arrest history, visas, certificates, vaccinations and more. If you accept the record request, the vessel or agency will have access to all vital information.

Stand out from the crowd with CrewPass

Once employers have seen that CrewPass has verified and approved your profile, you will stand out from the competition and be seen as a star candidate.


Unlock valuable app features with your CrewPass account

We offer more than an accreditation; we also have many innovative app features that increase efficiency with life on board.