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Partner Announcement: The OM

Today we are so excited to share a new working partnership between CrewPass and THE OM joining together to promote our shared aims to make the industry not only a safer place for crew, but also support CrewPass approved members in their professional careers.

Emma Baggett who is the driving force behind THE OM -“For me, partnerships have to have integrity, and represent a shared understanding and goal, through my work developing education and training and particularly through my role as a crew mentor, I speak to crew at all levels within the industry every day; so gaining their trust and buy into my advice and support is incredibly important to me. I have been so impressed by the CrewPass concept, which values the importance of background checking not just for the owner’s safety and onboard experience, but also for its impact on the vessel and the crew dynamic.”

THE OM has a commitment to developing pathways and solutions to support crew to achieve success within their professional careers; whilst working with the industry to adopt new strategies toward an innovative, sustainable and equitable future. Crew are an essential factor in the success of the industry; however, they do not always get valued and retained in the way they deserve, CrewPass has already made an impact by working with crew agents and vessels globally to help superyacht professionals stand out from the crowd when seeking employment and gain the trust of their employer once employed.

 “This is an incredibly important time for the industry when finally there has been the realisation that the future sustainability and growth of the sector is not just about technical and ecological solutions. I passionately believe that crew should be valued as the vital human capital, the beating heart of the industry, and supporting them to train, learn and grow throughout their careers is an equally impactful investment.”   -The OM

The OM delivers a range of valuable services that aim to advance your yachting career from developing and promoting Sustainable Maritime Development distance learning degrees for superyacht crew, to offering professional crew career and business mentoring, collaborating with crew to further their professional development and plan for their future life beyond yachting. If you are interested in any of The OM’s services please contact The OM on the contact page! 

To find out more about THE OM, visit their website