Certified training

Certified Training is partnering with CrewPass

Certified Training is a certified superyacht crew training academy based in Cape Town, South Africa. The academy has assisted over 7000 crew members from all over the world, benefiting all four roles: Yacht Deckhand, Yacht Steward(ess), Yacht Engineer and Yacht Chef.

Certified Training’s unique selling point is their extensive range of superyacht-specific courses designed to enhance crew members’ training experience. The academy offers a free personal consultation allowing students to access a superyacht-style cv template, worldwide crew accommodation lists and even interview techniques.

However, Certified Training has gone one step further to support their students by helping them gain their Visa’s and Offshore accounts.

CrewPass and Certified Training’s partnership aims to further aid crew with their hiring journey. The partnership gives crew all the essential tools to gain a competitive edge over other candidates. Furthermore, CrewPass is proud to be fully integrated into Certified Training’s sign up process providing CrewPass Approved crew with a straightforward way to validate their status.

Gain a competitive edge by accomplishing superyacht training courses that are role-based on top of essential courses like STWC today. Also, highlight that you are a safe crew member by passing a full background check by CrewPass.

To find out more about Certified Training visit their website:

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The Yacht Stew Academy


Starting a new industry can be daunting… Sometimes, basic training isn’t enough to make you feel confident before stepping onboard. Being fully prepared to become a yacht stew is easier with The Yacht Stew Academy (TYSA). There is a range of classes and diplomas to prepare you before joining the industry. Even stews that are already fully experienced in the industry still take advantage of these courses to help develop their career further.

The Yacht Stew brand was launched back in March 2016 and is currently “one of the largest global communities of Super Yacht Steward(esse)s.” All the course that the academy provides is fully online, allowing people from all over the world to access them. This means even stews that are working onboard can carry out these courses!

The academy made its name from impressive industry collaborations and expert training. Not only does this academy provide training though, but The Yacht Stew Academy also acts a platform that encourages stews from all over the world to come together as a community.

Remote Courses

The unique selling point of The Yacht Stew Academy is that it provides flexible online training allowing stews in any position or location to advance their careers. All the classes reflect real-life situations and tasks so that you can easily apply these new skills when you are working.

The Yacht Stew Academy has “five pillars” on what to expect regarding their courses, including:

1) Inclusivity
2) Approachability
3) Diversity
4) Creativity
5) Professionalism

“The TYSA team has more than 20 years of experience working within all aspects of the Interior on Private & Charter yachts from 35m to 100m.” Allowing the company to offer fully-accredited programs for their students.

What Courses Does TYSA offer?

Cultural Tea Service £99

Foundations of mixology £99

Wine in yachting Fundamentals £59.

Foundations of Floral Design £499.00

 This course reveals the best flowers and plants to purchase depending on location, seasons and lifespan. It also allows the students to understand better flower arrangements, floral care, and buying from suitable flower suppliers. TYSA has partnered with Luxury Floral Designer, Lorrie Sanon to supply their students with the highest quality (6 months) of training.

Head of Service Diploma £599.00

Developed with world-renowned butlers, this course has been designed to give crew the confidence, knowledge and practical resources to manage and lead a service team.

Plus, TSYA has received accreditation from a company that has worked with AA Rosette, Four Seasons and the Ritz Hotel Group. 

“People 1st is one of the longest-standing hospitality quality assurance & accrediting agencies. Courses are rigorously checked before being given the Quality Mark – and TYSA has received the stamp of approval for the Head of Service Diploma.”

Wine & Spirit Education Trust – Wine Level 2 £400

The Yacht Stew Academy has even partnered with WSET global. The academy offers WSET Level 2, with an additional module – Wine in Yachting. The module is tailored to the unique yachting environment of provisioning, presenting, storing and serving wine onboard.

Advanced Interior Management £499

AIM supplies crew with the skillset required of a professional Interior Manager. Partnered with Industry professionals, TYSA has provided nine comprehensive modules to teach crew everything they need to know to step into a HOD role confidently. 

Wine List Fundamentals (FREE)

Plus, if you want a taster of what these courses are like, TYSA offers a short free course to help crew understand where to start when compiling a comprehensive wine list for guests for no cost.

Who's Behind The Yacht Stew Academy?

Gemma Hulbert (The Yacht Stew) is the founder of The Yacht Stew Academy. Gemma is currently based in the UK after leaving her last position as a chief stewardess in 2020. Gemma is a two-time ACREW award winner and she uses her platforms to provide advice and educate stews. Plus, Gemma’s social media platforms create a hub for stews from all over the world.

However, behind The Yacht Stew Academy, a whole team of industry professionals have come together to help educate and train crew:

Myles Cunliffe – Mixology Instructor
Eileen Donaghey – Afternoon Tea Trainer
Andrew Flock – Cultural Tea Course Co-Author
Rachel Avara – Co-Author, Event management module
Claire Blackler – WSET educator
Lorrie Sanon – Floral Designer & Trainer

The Yacht Stew Academy's Instagram page

TYSA has an Instagram page with very helpful and aesthetic content which keeps viewers engaged and interested. Crew can expect to find a range of useful tips, advice, stories and overviews of their course on this page. All posts are unique and enjoyable whilst still being educational! Here are some examples of previous posts:

  • How to do a formal place setting?
  •  2-ingredient pocket cocktails. 
  • Food & Champagne pairing.
  • Floral Calander.

Make sure to check out The Yacht Stew Academy and try out one of their courses. Like CrewPass, TYSA aims to provide crew with tools to gain employers’ confidence and further their yachting career.

CrewPass collaborates with The Yacht Stew Academy to help raise awareness about security and safety on board and teach crew the benefits of getting background checks done before entering yacht jobs.


CrewPass is supporting the revolutionary job board company, Dockendo!

"Applying for a job has never been so easy" -Dockendo

CrewPass is pleased to announce a new partnership with Dockendo!

Dockendo is the unique digital job board platform for the yacht industry, with native apps for iOS, Android, and the web. It is a robust, user-friendly interface and cost-effective platform that helps find and attract candidates deliver speed and quality crew worldwide thanks to the matching algorithm based on the soft and hard skills of the applicants. Have a first impression of the future crew members thanks to the video CV presentation integrated.

Get recognised by Dockendo by signing up with CrewPass and becoming CrewPass Approved, and let the recruiter know that you are a safe placement option. It is a straightforward process; you just fill in your information and wait 7–10 days for your background check results and accreditation.

Dockendo and Crewpass are fully integrated into the sign-in, allowing members to connect and validate their CrewPass approved accreditation and show the badge in their profile when they apply for a job in Dockendo. 

Create and post your offers in Dockendo with our Coupon: Dockendo25

and get 25% off CrewPass for 6 months. If you don’t have a CrewPass subscription, you can create a CrewPass account through the Dockendo sign-up process.

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CrewPass is nominated for ACREW’s Best Superyacht Software Award 2022

"The Superyacht Business Awards 2022, voted the Best by Superyacht Captains & Crew, are awarded to the best businesses in the yachting industry. ACREW's network of over 15,000 Captain and Crew Members are invited to vote for the superyacht businesses that deserve global recognition for being the best in their field."

(ACREW, 2022)

Businesses will be judged on their strong social and digital platforms and media partnerships. Winning such a prestigious award will be a great marketing tool for businesses.

CrewPass is officially a nominee for the ‘Best Superyacht Software Award’ 2022. This award recognises businesses that use digital technology to improve the lives of crew members and guests onboard. The product or service is innovative, well polished, easily implemented by the user and has an overall attractive design. The software must serve a purpose, and customer service must be top quality.

We believe CrewPass’ services are a great contender for the awards as our main objective is to make the yachting industry safer for all and, in return, improve all lives onboard. CrewPass’ crew vetting services provide captains visibility on who they are employing. We also give crew agencies the confidence to place fully-vetted crew members onboard. We offer CrewPass Approved crew the chance to stand out and increase their employment chances. Plus, we at CrewPass believes we have surpassed the criteria for the awards:

• Innovation
• Technical excellence
• Effectiveness and implementation
• Impact
• Usability
• Potential for growth
• On-call assistance

Check out our social media pages to find out more:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crewpass.co.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crewpass/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/crewpassuk

Quay Crew

CrewPass partners with Quay Crew

CrewPass is proud to say they are supported by Quay Crew.

Quay Crew is a leading agency for crew recruitment with over 36 years of combined recruitment experience. The agency supplies yachts with crew that have an exceptional level of yachting experience. Quay Crew has worked alongside some of the most prestigious superyachts in the yachting industry. If you are looking for yacht engineer jobs, yacht galley jobs, yacht deck jobs or interior yacht jobs, Quay Crew posts all these types of jobs on their website!

Quay Crew also agreed that there is a need for CrewPass’ services and has decided to support our brand. Our partnership will help make the marine industry a more secure and safe place.

Get recognised by leading crew agencies like Quay Crew by signing up with CrewPass and becoming CrewPass Approved. It’s a straightforward process, fill in your information, wait 7-10 days for your background check results and receive our accreditation. The accredited crew stand out from the crowd of fully trained crew applicants.

Streamline your onboarding process today and find a job with Quay Crew on their website: https://jobs.quaycrew.com/

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Superyacht CVs: Make sure your CV looks its best!

If you are new to the yachting industry, it can seem daunting to write a flawless CV. Plus, unlike many industries, the yachting industry demands a specific CV style, and certain attributes must be applied to write the perfect yachtie CV. This is why CrewPass is now supporting Superyacht CVs. Superyacht Cvs is a CV writing service precisely created for yachting. Crew members can pay to have high-quality CVs made to improve their chances of getting hired. This service is great for people joining the industry, people who lack time, people struggling to get into the industry, and people whose first language isn’t English.

We asked the founder of Superyacht CVs, Rachel Cunningham, questions about the yachting industry, details about her services and some advice for green crew.


Hi, I’m Rachel Cunningham, the person behind www.superyachtcvs.com. I help yacht crew redesign their CV either through reformatting their current resume to suit the yachting aesthetic, or by rewriting their CV to highlight land-based skills that translate across to yachting. I also assist many yacht crew who speak English as a second language and need to tweak their CV to help it sound more naturally ‘English.’ 

What did you do before starting this business?

I have been in yachting for over 8 years now. I started as a winter yard crew chef and even worked a year as a charter stewardess before coming back into the galley and eventually working my way up to being a head chef on an 88m. Through all of this, I maintained my other side passion of building websites and creating graphics which led to designing Cvs for friends and eventually operating on a word of mouth basis within the industry.

How did you get into the yachting industry?

Like many things in my life, it happened quite organically. I hadn’t even heard about yachting until I was in my 30s, so I started quite late. But a friend was an engineer in the industry and gave me some pointers, links to agencies, and helped me create my first yacht cv. From there, like many green yachties, I did some dockwalking and networking locally until I landed my first job.

Why did you start Superyacht CV's?

It grew into what it is today slowly. Over the past two years, I have created CVS for people only on word of mouth. Because I was working full time, I had to be cautious about how much extra work I took on, so the quality remained high. I am now going more land-based, so I can focus on creating more amazing yachting CV’s for crew and helping the new crew coming in to make the perfect first impression.

How can your services help aid employment?

A CV is just the first touchpoint for a job. It gets you the chance to speak to the HOD or captain for a formal interview. As an experienced yachtie, I help with ensuring the CV is well written and also includes the correct and relevant information. A great CV is the fastest way to get your CV to the top of the pile, then you can blow them away at the interview stage! 

“A poor CV will halt all chances of an interview, so it really is in your best interest to have a nicely formatted CV to grab their attention.”

What is your unique selling point compared to your competition?

I was a tech journalist and travel blogger before yachting, so combining those skills with a long career in yachting has helped show people my point of difference. I can also build personalised websites, which has been well received, particularly by yacht chefs wanting to have a more professional edge on the competition.

What CV packages do you offer?

  1. I currently offer a full CV makeover package, where I will design a bespoke cv for you bring it up to ‘yacht spec’ with complete tweaking of the text.
  2. I also have a website design package for yacht crew who are wanting to show more of their skills or who wish to display a more professional presence online.
  3. I am also working on creating template packages for crew who want to have full control of their CV, but who need a bit of guidance in writing their own CV’s. Watch this space!

What do you like and dislike about working on-land vs working on a superyacht?

I love working on yachts- the free toiletries, the abundance of snacks and clean laundry are some of the best bits! Not to mention being able to live down the corridor from your best mates, the days off in exotic locations and the fact that no two days are alike. Yachting is an amazing industry filled with some of the greatest people I have ever met! But don’t get me wrong, it’s also hard work, there are plenty of late nights long hours, and not everyone onboard is your friend… It can get really tough and lonely out there on some boats, and it’s not for everyone.
I’ve only just stepped back to land recently, and so far, I am loving the freedom of choice- what I wear, eat, drink and do each day. And I don’t yet miss having 23 people around me 24 hours a day.

Do you have any tips or advice for anyone trying to get into yachting?

“Network, Network, Network!!”

Try to make genuine friends in the industry, don’t just approach random yacht crew at bars and expect them to welcome you with open arms right away.
And be careful if you are going out to yachtie bars, everyone is watching. I have seen many green stews and deckhands get turned down for jobs because they were seen acting up previously at bars. People talk, your reputation is everything.

And of course, present yourself in the best light, both in person and of course with your CV!

Why did you want to collaborate with CrewPass?

I really believe in what they are doing within the industry, and I want to support that to help the industry move forward.
Recently, I unintentionally employed a crew member who had a fictional CV and references. The “agent” who passed the candidate on to me had claimed they had checked everything, but it took a look at the seaman’s book to see nothing matched up.
This could have been avoided if CrewPass had existed at the time.

“Something like CrewPass will ensure these checks are done externally, giving HOD’s more trust in each candidate.”

I like that at a glance, you can see what yacht crew members are legit and trusted, and also who is invested in the industry with a career in mind. I feel that yacht crew aiming for longevity will greatly benefit from investing in a CrewPass account. It should also halt yacht crew who jump boats and try to hide their bad experiences. The way forward is through being verified, and having that confirmation on your CV will be a sure way to get it on the top of the pile!

If you are looking to improve your yachting CV or need a brand new, beautifully crafted resume or website by Superyacht CVs, please click the link to the website: