CrewPass Visits the Southampton International Boat Show

On the 21st of September, CrewPass made our way to Britain’s biggest festival of boating, The Southampton International Boat Show 2022. We are lucky that the boat show is right on our doorstep as our office is currently based in Southampton.

Out of consideration, on the 19th of September, the Southampton International boat show did not open as a mark of their respect for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her family. However, from the 20th, the festival was up and running again just in time for the sunny weather.

The show has been running since 1969 and became a 10 day event after the Mayflower Park permitted it to extend from 9 days under the Southampton International Boat Show Act 1997. This event has brought people from all over to come down and visit everything Southampton has to offer. It has proven to be a great day out for many families, potential buyers and marine professionals.

The show features everything the leisure marine industry has to offer. With a wide variety of watersport activities, innovative product/service exhibitors, great food and thrilling attractions, there are many things to do that benefit all. Opportunities to try SUPs, kayaking, riding a RIB or a more leisurely cruiser are featured at the show. Plus, thrill-seeker attendees have the option to experience the joy of getting on a signature Try-a-Boat and Get Afloat. However, suppose you prefer a more relaxing day out. In that case, there is plenty of bars, seating areas and food options, such as the Borrow a Boat Quarterdeck Bar & restaurant.

Environmental Day

The Southampton International Boat show hosts a series of topically themed days to highlight the hottest issues in the maritime industry. The show hosts 4 themed days: Schools And Careers Day, Environment Day, Women In Marine Day and Clubs And Associations Day. The 4 Spotlight days feature events and activities based on each specific topic. 

Wednesday, 21st September, was Environment Day which illustrates the importance of environmental responsibility, which is extremely important to the show and CrewPass. The show showcases notable advances in green technology and adopting environmental best practices.

CrewPass made our way to the Foredeck Stage to listen to the ‘Why are we taking on the world’s toughest row’, talk by the In Our Element Atlantic rowing team, Hollie Luff, Rachel Lasham, Eliot Holman and Mike Hatch, together with Prof. Andy Pickford of the Centre for Enzyme Innovation, University of Portsmouth. The rowing team will be taking part in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge in December 2022. This challenge involves rowing more than 3000 miles from La Gomera, Canary Islands to English Harbour Antigua and Barbuda. This gruelling physical challenge will take an estimated 45 to 50 days. The team stated that they have been friends for over 15 years. ‘In Our Element’ comprises 4 people, Mike Hatch, Elliot Holman, Hollie Luff and Rachel Lasham. They will row in pairs taking turns, but the boat can have up to three people rowing at one time “if someone feels extra energetic that day”, humours Miss Lasham. The team expressed their passion to raise awareness and funds for innovative research, which could provide a significant breakthrough regarding a more sustainable future.

The money raised will go towards the development of enzymes which can break down man-made plastic materials such as one-use plastic bottles, providing a potential solution for infinite plastic recycling. 

University of Portsmouth professor John McGeehan who delivered the centre’s work says:

‘We are very proud to partner with the ‘In Our Element’ team who are undertaking The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – an inspirational endeavour where the crew will face the full force and beauty of nature in open seas, while raising awareness of the damage that plastic pollution is inflicting on our environment. I wish the crew every success and I am extremely grateful to all those who give their support to the ‘In Our Element’ team and our ongoing research in plastic-digesting enzymes.’

The ‘In Our Element’ team will endure sleep deprivation, dehydration, substantial calorie deficits, hallucinations, salt sores, 60ft waves and physical and mental exhaustion as they navigate one of the most active shipping zones in the world.

If you wish to donate to the cause and support the race, please use the link below:

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CrewPass' highlights


One of our personal highlights of the show was getting to view some of the yachts that were in the marina. Sunseeker Brokerage stole the show with their Sunseeker Predator 55 EVO, Manhattan 68, 88 Yacht and 76 Yacht. The Predator 55 Evo’s sporty interior oozes contemporary minimalism with a new scope of fabrics and textures. Whilst the 88 Yacht displays new exterior lines and a sleek hardtop roof with an optional central opening canopy. Towering over the surrounding yachts, it’s pretty hard not to be impressed with Sunseeker’s showcase.

Oh Crepe!

Oh Crepe! is a family-run business from South Devon’s heart. The company provide the most delicious crepes for festivals, fetes and fairs. We got to try their traditional Sugar and lemon (v) crepe, which was mouthwatering. However, there are many great flavours to choose from, including Nutella, Apple and cinnamon (v), Banoffee pie (v), Mont Blanc and Oreos and cream (v). And for those who are more of a savoury person, there are plenty of options to choose from, including, Mature cheddar cheese and thick-cut ham, The Italian (Grated mozzarella, fresh tomato, and basil pesto), The Popeye (Mature cheddar cheese, fresh baby leaf spinach, toasted pine nuts and red onion chutney) and many more…

The Private Ship

CrewPass had an exciting opportunity to explore and discover the Morgenster, a 100-year-old Tall Ship that looks like a pirate ship! The Morgenster was launched in 1919 and was built at the shipyard Boot in Alphen. The tall ship, which was once a sport fishing vessel, has now been refitted as a brig. This ship is a crowd pleaser, especially for families with young kids.

Overall, we believe the show was a big hit, with so many things to see, learn and experience that it’s almost impossible to fit it in all in one day! Every day has something new making it well worth visiting for multiple days. We would like to thank all the exhibitors, the Southampton International Boat show team, and everyone else involved for providing such a great day out. CrewPass look forward to going next year.


CrewPass Update: New Vessel Sign-up Process

CrewPass offers two services that can be used together or separately. 

Superyacht Crew Management Software

CrewPass’ next-gen management software acts like a digital daily operations hub that assists with onboard procedures. We have digitalised various operations onboard, including the watch rota, crew list, in and outboard, sea time calendar, rest hour calendar etc. This service is entirely free to employ. Therefore Vessel accounts can add their entire crew list on our app for zero cost, no strings attached.

Comprehensive Crew Background Checks

CrewPass offers a background checking service that crew, vessels and agencies can utilise. Our checks allow Captains and HOD’s to feel confident in the person they are placing onboard. Remove uncertainty about a crew member’s safety by getting the seal of approval from CrewPass. Display to guests that your vessel has a fully vetted crew list and improve your vessel’s security and reputation.

When a vessel account chooses to sign up with CrewPass, the process of adding crew has just been made easier. CrewPass will provide vessel accounts with a unique URL they can share with their crew so that when a crew member creates a crew account, they will automatically be added to their crew list. Within this process, vessel accounts can assign ranks, vessel admins, HOD’s, and even choose to pay for crew to undergo comprehensive background checks.

How the vessel sign up process:

Our Innovative App Features:

Crew Lists

Once a vessel account has been made, you can share your vessel’s unique URL with all crew. Your crew must create an account through the link, and they will be automatically added to your crew list. Then you’ll be ready to take advantage of our daily operations hub app features!

Digitalised Watch Rota

CrewPass allows you to easily assign people on your crew list to a watch rota. This gives you the option to schedule your rotas weeks in advance. Watch rotas allow crew to see their upcoming duties, plus be notified when they are due to be on watch.

In and out board

Bring your in and out board into the 21st century with our vessel status board. Our technology lets you quickly see who is on or off the vessel and allows crew members to update their status easily. Crew can tap on the beacons or manually update the board let Captains and HOD’s know if they are onboard, off the vessel or on leave.

Sea Time & Rest Hours Calendar

Crew can keep track of their sea time and send it off to you for approval. Plus, keep track of your crew’s rest hours on our app’s rest hour calendar. Our app will automatically calculate these times and highlight whether they are compliant or not.


Encrypted Private & Group Chats

Communicate with crew, and assign departmental groups on a professional messaging platform which is encrypted end to end for your safety. 

Completely free! No payment details or contracts!


Should you stay in the Med or travel to the Caribbean?

There are numerous reasons why a crew member may choose to work in seasonal cruising destinations such as the Med and the Caribbean in peak season, but why might a crew member choose to stay onboard long after the majority of the crew has gone? The Caribbean yachting season is just beginning, and the Med season is closely coming to an end. Many may expect crew to jump ship and travel to the Caribbean for work. However, some crew might choose to stay in the Med off-season. In this week’s blog, I will unpack each argument’s pros and cons to help anyone struggling to decide what they should do next.

Stay in the Med?


1) Some yachts remain year-round because the owner lives in the region.

2) Some crew like the solitude that off-season usually provides.

3) Crew will potentially have more time off to enjoy activities like winter sports such as skiing.

4) The ports, museums and historical attractions are quieter.

5) It’s easier to find marine service providers.

6) Med cruising destinations typically stay open year-round.


1) The biggest potential downside for staying in the Med off-season is the weather. You can’t count on the weather being nice; at night, the temperature can plunge as low as single figures (expect a lot of rain).

2) Places may be closed. Shops and attractions that run for tourist season may be shut during quiet months.

3) Many crew will be heading to the Caribbean (FOMO may creep in).

4) If you like the peak yachting seasons’ hustle and bustle, you may quickly become bored.

Travel to the Caribbean for work?


1) The warmer water in the Caribbean makes it more pleasurable to swim in.

2) Ideal sailing conditions and crystal clear water.

3) The Caribbean is arguably a nicer place in the winter as the weather is less humid, and the weather is sunnier than in Europe.

4) As it’s peak yachting season, there will be way more things to do and keep you on your toes


1) If you have only worked on the vessel for a short time, you may risk looking flighty and unreliable if you jump ship to the Caribbean.

2) The Caribbean is prone to way more rain and unpredictable weather.

3) Crew will be working long hours, unlike in the Med (off-peak season) where the crew will have a more 9-5, moderate work pace.

To summarise, each argument has many pros and cons, but it truly comes down to what a person is looking to get out of the experience. The saying “the grass is always greener” is true in this case. Humans are always looking for the next best thing and worrying about missing out or making the wrong decision. But at the end of the day, you must do what’s best for you, weigh up your options, speak to friends and family, do your research and good luck!

Did you enjoy this blog? If so, please visit our blog section, where we host many different blog posts that you may find beneficial.