The top yacht chefs on social media 2021

On superyachts, food is one the most important elements that can make or break a charter. Therefore, chefs have an essential role on yachts, and they are constantly under pressure to meet high standards. Becoming a yacht chef takes hard work and dedication; all yacht chefs need basic yacht training and at least two years of experience in a professional kitchen. These highly skilled chefs have incredibly long workdays and very early starts. Serving the elite with unique food preferences and demands means yacht chefs have to be completely versatile. The yacht chefs featured on this blog are, in our opinion, the top chefs on social media. All chefs included in this blog post extraordinary creations and excellent food presentations on their social media.

Dean Harrison is arguably one of the most well-known chefs on Instagram, and if you’re a yachting enthusiast, you have probably heard of Dean Harrison. Harrison has been a trained chef for 16 years, and impressively, 9 of them has been in yachting! Flexibility, composure and organisation are his greatest strengths. Harrison’s Instagram highlights a range of brightly coloured food and aspirational yacht lifestyle posts. Dean Harrison has a uniquely neat and precise food presentation that looks luxurious. Combining his thorough plate displays and the use of expensive garnishes such as caviar, Harrison’s food screams extravagance. If you are interested in becoming a yacht chef, Harrison also provides in-depth tips and advice on his website.

Nicholas Hare, also known as “Nick”, is a private yacht chef from England. Hare is a very versatile chef cooking vegan dinners to lavish seafood! But what draw people to his social media is that Nick is not afraid to make comfort food such as a smashed double patty’s with cheese, maple bacon burger that looks mouth-watering—or re-creating a family favourite, a classic spaghetti bolognese! Nick’s social media pages highlight his dedication and love for cooking, as nearly all of his posts showcase his exceptional food creations.

Nina Wilson is currently the head chef on Motor Yacht Trevelry, and she is also behind the scenes of the yachting industry columnist for Dockwalk. Her attention to detail is exceptional, and her YouTube video about breakfast preparation illustrates how dedicated Nina is to her profession. Her warm personality on her YouTube videos makes her naturally likeable. Her accuracy in batch production shows how much of a perfectionist she is as a chef. Like Dean Harrison, Nina Wilson posts a variety of food and travel photography on her social media. Plus, Nina uses interesting flavour combinations making her a stand out yacht chef.

Hannah Walker is another British yacht chef who has made our top yacht chef list! Her fresh and flavoursome cooking is always a crowd-pleaser. Plus, Walker’s strengths are cooking healthy food plus, vegan and vegetarian dishes. For example, Walker’s buttermilk battered cauliflower looks divine and wholesome; many of her meals are internationally inspired cuisine. Walker’s innovative dishes is one of many reasons why her social media pages are such a hit online.

Lastly but definitely not least, Grace Dvornik is growing in popularity on social media. Grace is a freelance yacht and estate chef who is rather famous on TikTok. Impressively, Grace has served many impressive figures, including celebrities, royalty and retired politicians. Grace’s salad’s looks too good to eat, and delicious desserts are insanely impressive. Grace’s healthy but delicious food, plus her down-to-Earth Instagram, is refreshing and inspiring.

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The most popular yachting spots for Christmas

Hollywood always depict Christmas as a snowy utopia, and many people wish for a white Christmas! But why not replace “white Christmas” for white beaches this year! Don’t settle for grey skies, wet and cold climates when you could be sunbathing in the Caribbean…No matter where you go, Christmas will always be Christmas, so spend it this year at the top luxury Christmas destinations for yachting.

The Caribbean is an ideal destination for Christmas. If you are looking for solitude this year, the Caribbean islands are only 10% inhabited, giving you the privacy, you desire. Soak up the sun and feast outside on the yacht’s deck around the main guest table and enjoy a grand Christmas dinner made by the finest yacht chefs. Don’t fancy a Christmas roast dinner this year? The Caribbean arguably has the best seafood in the world for you to try instead?

British Virgin Islands:

Christmas in a hot climate is already superior and socialising with friends and family in luxury and comfort in the British Virgin Islands is supreme! With four main islands and many smaller ones, there are plenty of locations to choose from. All have different things to do from sight-seeing, water activities and enjoying the local cuisine. The Islands have an excess of marine life, so it is a popular place for yacht charters. Plus, the British Virgin Islands is a great place to go snorkelling and check out the RMS Rhone, which sunk in 1867 and lies at the bottom of Salt Island. As this destination is the volcanic part of the Caribbean, why not check out the rainforest-like Sage Mountain National Park?

Antigua and Barbuda:

Antigua and Barbuda have an abundance of breath-taking beaches and scenic views! The most notable yacht destination in Antigua is Carlisle Bay. Carlisle Bay is a yacht friendly resort and is seen as the hub of the Caribbean. With an excess of exquisite cafés and restaurants, why wouldn’t you want to spend your Christmas here? Plus, you can enjoy delicious rum-based cocktails from a hammock soaking in the rays.

The Bahamas:

If you want a more action-packed Christmas, then The Bahamas is perfect for you! The Bahamas offers thrill-seekers an abundance of charter yacht water toys ranging from jet skis and water skis to paddleboards and kayaks. Why don’t you try diving in beautiful reefs in the Bahamas and exploring underwater caves and ancient shipwrecks? There are also plenty of activities on land, including splashing the cash at The Bahamas world-class casinos or trying out one of their luxurious golf courses. Of course, if you are a bit of a shopaholic, then the Bahamas offers top exclusive brands and high-end shopping to satisfy your shopping needs.

If the Caribbean doesn’t float your boat this Christmas, maybe going down under to the South Pacific and Australia will! The South Pacific has the world’s largest ocean making it a dream location for yachting. A quintessential tropical island Christmas is as idyllic as it sounds. Plus, the South Pacific is the home for romantic hideaways! Both Australia and the South Pacific offer a variety of action-packed activities ranging from whale watching to thrilling jungle tours. Christmas in this destination will not be dull! The diversity in culture and the inviting locals are just one of many reasons you must travel here for Christmas.


Australia is a gigantic country that fulfils everyone’s needs with diverse landscapes, cultures, and activities. An endless amount of stunning surf beaches and the incredible Great Barrier Reef make Australia a leading tourist hot spot for Christmas. If you want an urban getaway this Christmas, then Sydney is the place for you! Sydney celebrates Christmas with various festive events, including light shows, Christmas markets, live performances, and funfairs suitable for all ages. If you desire a more extravagant Christmas, make the most of Sydney’s reputable world-class dining and luxury hotels. Sydney also offers excellent wine regions, including the oldest wine region Hunter Valley which offers fine wine and the most exceptional restaurants, including Muse and Bistro.

Image from ELLE Decor


With tonnes of thriving coral reefs and lagoons, Fiji is a tropical paradise on the top of most people’s bucket lists. Volcanic mountains surround clear blue waters and white sand beaches. With slight temperature variation, one can expect a sunny Christmas even in December! Therapeutic mud pools, hot springs, swimming with sharks in Beqa Lagoon, ancient archaeological sites, sand dunes, lush rainforests are just a few things you can check out in Fiji. Plus, with more than 300 islands to choose from, you definitely won’t get bored this Christmas.

Image from Lonely Planet

French Polynesia:

Lastly, but not least, the French Polynesia islands could end up being your new favourite Christmas location. French Polynesia is home to 118 islands; however, yachts tend to base in the Society or the Marquesas Islands. Expect to see coral-fringed lagoons and white beaches on your trip, but the array of mountains and towering waterfalls is even more impressive! Bora Bora is one of the most popular islands in this destination. This famous location hosts stunning overwater accommodation and crystal-clear waters that offers serenity and peace over the stressful holiday period.

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Yachting secrets that will shock outsiders…

When watching reality TV shows like Below Deck, viewers get a glimpse of what yachting entails. However, these yachting TV shows only show bite-size parts of the reality of life on superyachts. This blog unveils some of the most shocking and mind-blowing situations that happen on luxury yachts. I have collected a range of yachting stories, blog posts and news articles, which I consider the most unexpected yachting secrets.

Spoilt crew

Everyone expects guests and owners to be rather spoilt as they are used to the finer things in life. However, many yachties have stated that the yacht crew themselves can be spoilt. Although some may not come from wealthy backgrounds, all yacht crew are exposed to wealth and riches onboard. Thus, being around the most affluent people can start to rub off on the staff. If the guests are off board, some captains allow their crew members to use some of the amenities that the average person would never get a chance to experience. Onboard amenities such as gyms, home cinemas, jet skis, Jacuzzis, and indoor swimming pools are just a small example of yacht staff acclimating to.

Yacht crew typically receive a hefty tip at the end of a charter, this type of (tax-free) cash is not as impressive in most other services, but as their clients are wealthy, they can afford to pay higher amounts for gratitude. However, some yacht crew expect big tips, luxury items and gifts like Rolex watches around Christmas time. Sometimes, there can be a surplus of extravagant food and alcohol on board, which the crew can sometimes enjoy if the guests and captain permit this. Traveling to the best locations in the world, living on the most expensive yachts, mixing with the one percent-ers and being subjected to wealth continuous is bound to rub off on anyone!

No privacy

Lack of privacy onboard for yacht crew may not be shocking to many, but it always shocks the guests. Guests seem interested in where the yacht crew live, but the crew quarters and the galley are the only places crew members get privacy. Unfortunately, they don’t get much, though!  Some guest even requests to see the crew’s living quarters out of curiosity. Most crew members sleep in cabins, sharing their space with complete strangers, which means privacy is severely lacking. Most yacht crew must share bathrooms which can get interesting at the best of times! Even when crew members get time to rest and sleep, they can be woken up by constant drills, including fire drills late at night.

No stability

Many people join the yachting industry to live an aspirational lifestyle or to get paid to travel to beautiful locations. However, travelling means leaving your life behind you, including friends, family, and partners. Although the idea of that sounds easy, homesickness can soon kick in when you’re having a bad day and need familiar faces. Brooke Laughton from season 3 Below Deck Med said the lowest point of her yachting career was missing her sister’s wedding. Missing family events are not uncommon, which can be a negative part of working on a luxury yacht. Plus, the work on vessels can be unpredictable. For example, if a boat has been sold or doesn’t want their boat in use anymore, you can be asked to vacate the boat within hours.

Random requests

The most random requests from guests seem to revolve around food, interestingly! Expensive taste tends to link to exotic food requests. Some food requests are cultural, like the request of a live baby octopus for dinner. Guests have requested fruit and vegetables that are not in season, making it almost impossible to import. Other guests will demand that they will have food flown in from different countries like a croissant made explicitly in Paris. Rare flower petals and mineral water brands must be freighted by air to please the guests, which costs thousands! According to Charter World, some guests are super picky:

Another guest requested cucumber cubes cut to 10 mm exactly for breakfast. A ruler was used to make sure the measurements were accurate.

Whilst other guests are so picky that they bring in their own cutlery and plates onboard.

Superyacht crew agency highlighted that some guests have requested “Louis Vuitton life jackets” and “prescription diving goggles.” Other requests include having guests pampered pets flown in mid charter! Most of the time, the yacht crew must find creative ways of fulfilling all these requests.

Image from BOAT International

Promiscuous activities

Something you will never see on Below Deck is that many guests bring prostitutes and escorts onboard. This is widespread knowledge from crew members, but outsiders may not know. 

Women installed on yachts in Cannes during the film festival are called 'Yacht Girls,' and the line between professional prostitutes and B- or C-list Hollywood actresses who accept payment for sex with rich older men is sometimes very blurred….

The yacht girls can make $40,000 per night on these superyachts. Most crew members are so used to the yacht girls that it doesn’t faze them, but it may take time to get used to if you are a newbie. Laws are clamping down on this type of activity in some countries. These activities onboard have been occurring for many years, according to Lebanese businessman, Elie Nahas, who was arrested in 2007 for running a Cannes prostitution ring: ‘Every boat has about 10 girls on it; they are usually models, and they are usually nude or half nude. . . The girls are all waiting for their envelopes at the end of the night. It’s been going on there for 60 years.’



PRESS RELEASE: CrewPass Enhances Maritime Safety With New Background Check And Crew Vetting Services

December 3rd, 2021 – CrewPass today announces the launch of a new set of services,
carefully designed to improve the safety and security of the maritime industry through
enhanced background and certification checks.

The recently launched start-up has selected First Advantage – a leading global provider of
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CrewPass have integrated First Advantage’s leading technology platform to fulfil global
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such as Viking Crew and Bespoke Crew, who are supporting this accreditation as an
industry standard.

The CrewPass accreditation scheme includes background checks, criminal record checks,
ID verification checks and soon to be launched automated Certificate of Competence checks
through the MCA. A simple sign up process by the individual crew member allows CrewPass to verify their identity and to conduct enhanced global criminal background
checks, helping vessels, crew agencies and management companies ensure that only fully
vetted individuals are allowed on board.

The CrewPass software application also hosts a variety of impressive, enhanced features
that include a digitalised watch rota and encrypted inter-crew vessel chats. In addition, a real-time crew list displays persons on/off board using intelligent beacons. Tapping in and
out of the vessel updates status and collates working hours.

Signing up with CrewPass gives an identification badge which serves as a digital passport
confirming that crew members are fully vetted by the company. This will provide the
advantage to crew members applying for jobs earning confidence and trust of employers by
proving they have a clean and verifiable record with the CrewPass Accreditation.

Once onboard the new app and website allows vessels to improve their daily operations,
ensuring the safety and security of everyone on board, by enabling them to check,
communicate, and monitor the daily operations of crew members.

Interested individuals, vessels, and crew agencies can utilize the company’s subscription
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CrewPass can also be reached through any of its social media handles on LinkedIn,
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