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METSTRADE- Where the global leisure marine industry comes together.

Taking place from the 16th-18th November 2021.

CrewPass will be attending the METSTRADE show this year to discuss our upcoming launch and our services.

The METSTRADE Show is the world’s largest trade exhibition of marine equipment, materials and systems. The METS is an international B2B exhibition for the marine leisure industry and have served as a platform for innovation, market developments and networking since our launch in 1988.

Please get in touch if you wish to arrange a meeting.


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How can CrewPass help with recruitment?

In the UK, teachers, doctors, and childcare assistants must conduct a background check before employment. These checks are crucial to keep everyone safe and protected, so why is this not the case for the marine industry? Many crew members provide top quality services to the top 0.5% of guests who expect top-notch security on yachts. On occasion, guests’ children may also be on board and are looked after or served by the unvetted staff, which is a significant flaw in the industry! Therefore, CrewPass has seen a gap in the market, and we are here to help with safer marine recruitment.

CrewPass can improve a vessel reputation by providing fully accredited and vetted staff that have gone through a series of searches to be verified by us. Crew members fly from all over the world, and employers must take what they say at face value. We conduct DBS checks (UK) and enhanced criminal background checks globally so that recruiters can make safer recruitment decisions. These background checks can highlight crew members with serious offences who could put others in danger without anyone knowing. We will remove any threats or potential issues before they occur.

Did you know that:

“38% of people falsify their personal information to gain an advantage?”

Lying on CVs is unfortunately not uncommon, but we aim to provide recruiters with more reliable background information, which is why employers will have access to crew’s visas, vaccinations, certificates, work experience all kept in one place. All employers can send out a record request to CrewPass’ accredited crew members, wait for them to accept the request, and just that easily, employers will have all helpful information at their fingertips. Plus, CrewPass approved candidates show that they have dedication to the marine industry as they have put in time and money to become an accredited crew member which shows initiative over other candidates.

If you want to make safer recruitment choices, request a demo today!